Newest Friends
Our Newest Friend
Angela Cross
Happy go lucky girl with a very supportive better half!

I’m loving life.
Our Newest Friend
Teri Miller
Enjoying what I like best, it is an addiction that sticks to you for a lifetime.

Don't let anyone rent a space in your head, unless they are good tenants.

I am not what I have done, I am what I have overcome.

A girl plays with your mind, a woman explores it.

Some of the best moments in your life are those you can't tell anyone about.
Our Newest Friend
Jamie Daily
I'm Jamie and I have a love of all things colourful and pretty.. but most of all cuteness is something that I totally adore.

I really enjoy playing with photography and experimenting with different ideas and techniques and having this avenue to share my photos is wonderful.
Our Newest Friend
Chicle Barrage
I am Chicle Rhianwen Barrage.., just a part time T Girl hoping to bring a little colour and happiness into peoples lives by sharing the pics that I love to create. I am both the model and photographer and if some of my pics and life insights help other girls discover their true selves then I am truly happy.

I'm simply an over 50 single transvestite / crossdresser / Genderfluid T Girl.... Call me what you like but I don't really like labels..., we are all just unique individuals making the most of the life we love ! Whatever that entails..!!
Our Newest Friend
Gemma Love
I was maybe 4 or 5 years old when I first put on a satin dress from my sisters dressing up box, which led to a life long fetish and even at that early age somehow it just felt right...
By Jenny London
Like so many of us, I started cross-dressing...
Finding Felina
By Felina Rochelle
Felina found me about 10 years ago. It is interesting that I found crossdressing when I was 14, and I’ve gone through purge phases since then...
The Night
By Tawni Bonds
He slipped into the tight black sleeveless dress. Pulled up the shoulder length gloves. Stepped into the 5" stiletto heeled pumps. Make-up. Jewelry. And feeling the taut electricity of the ruse caressing his body, walked about his hotel room. His every move calculated to heighten his sexuality, to project her sensuality.

It felt so good to be a woman. Even if only in his head. Feeling the dress embrace his . . .
Las Vegas My Playground
By Joanna Jones
It's tuff trying to pick out the clothes for Vegas in the winter. I have so...
By Jamie Rhodes
I've been attracted to satin, silky, lacy women's clothes since I was a small boy...
By Cristianne Kelly
I started dressing in my early teens to satisfy this compulsion...
Female Cousins Dressed Me Up As A Girl
By Traci Loren
When I was about 14 years old my family and I returned to live in England after living in Australia...
Where I stand in the TG Spectrum - Part 4
By Ana Cristina García
This time I would like to talk about how I feel when dressed as a woman. It is difficult to explain such an oddity because I am a masculine man who leads a fulfilling life both in terms of family and work and who has no problems dealing with...
To Purge Or Not To Purge - That Is The Question
By Joanna Jones
It is hard for me to understand this concept. As I have never purged a thing over the years. Ask my wife. She wishes I would purge here and there just to get rid of some of the older things. But purging is not about getting rid of old stuff and making room for the new. It is trying to get rid of the cross-dressing urge altogether. But that is always a short term solution. We all know that cross-dressing once started is here to stay. Some of us struggle with it while some of us have figured out how to balance our lives to have the best of both worlds.
Let the Show Begin!
By Joanna Jones
I find the most enjoyable part of cross-dressing is going to all the shows...
Time For An Update
By Traci Loren
A lot of water has gone under the bridge since my last update 12 months ago. For me personally I have sadly...
Books For Sale By Our Writers
By Joanna Jones
We support our writers. Check out their books for sale...
Transforming Myself Into A Woman
By Christina Cassidy
I love nothing more than transforming...
How Many TGirls Are Going Out And About?
By Nadia-Maria Soraperra
Some people may believe that it is impossible to derive relevant figures...
By Joanna Jones
What to do. Admirers. You either love them, hate them or just...
Where I stand in the TG Spectrum - Part 2
By Ana Cristina García
When I reached puberty, dressing produced an unexpected and shocking...
This Girl Inside Of Me
By Heather Stevens
Where do we all start? Was it back when we were just kids, interested in Mom's and sister's pretty cloths and wondering...
It's Just A Name
By Joanna Jones
So how did I come up with my name Joanna Jones? Well, the first name is...
The Adventures of Helen Atherton
By Helen Atherton
Becoming Helen back in Oct 2014 was...
My Mom's Discarded Clothes
By Kendra Gallager
I have been dressing up since before I was 11. Wearing clothes in secret...
Have you been Sir'd?
By Joanna Jones
Being called, "sir" can be very disappointing when you are all dressed up...
By Carollyn Olson

Making The Case For Hosiery
By Carollyn Faith Olson
Take a look around. Have women become passé when it comes to wearing hosiery?
Links to ALL of our Stories and Articles
By Joanna Jones
We all, in our community of common interests, have at one time or another had girls that we look up to and admire their accomplishments in the CD world. Here are their stories...
Where I stand in the TG Spectrum - Part 1
By Ana Cristina García
As Cristy goes through her nth hibernation period, I will indulge...
Crossdresser vs Transgender
By Joanna Jones
What is the difference between a crossdresser and a trans woman? This is something that is not just black and white. Can you be both? You will have some that call themselves transgender, yet they only crossdress. Read my own HRT journey...
Daring To Wear Short Hair Wig
By Fanny Lovedresses
I have always envied women with short hair, it can be very pretty and feminine on some women even young.

I'm early in my 30's, generally it's easier to be feminine with long hair wig and short hair is better suitted to 50+ women

When i met a make-up artist in order ro improve my make-up skills. She directed me to a very short hair wig which is better suitted to feminize my face.

Now i'm a total short hair addict.
My Story of how I got Here
By Joanna Lace
I’m not sure if I can say I’m a Cross-dresser as I only do so in the privacy of my own home...
Expressing My Feminine Feelings
By Nora Simone
I am a happily married heterosexual, gender-fluid MTF crossdresser. “Crossdresser” is part of my descriptor because my life has been, and remains, predominantly...
Simon, darling, I just want to......
By Lisah French
Your penthouse apartment is fabulous and our bedroom looks out over London at night. Just think of all those people in...
Chiang Mai Diary
By Martina Tyler
In late January 2014, I went to Chiang Mai (CM) for four days, which gave...
My Adult Transformation
By Lauren Smith
After she puts many in my hair and clips them all in...
Stories and Articles Groups
By Joanna Jones
Click on the links below for story and article grouping.
We Were All Female
By Joanna Jones
This really great video explains why some of us feel like a woman inside...
By Irene Nyman
I met Gabrielle on a music festival where I played with my band. After our gig she complimented me on our show...
Managing a Secret
By Felina Rochelle
How do I find time for Felina? I ask myself that same question all the time. When I was single and living alone, I was able to be...
How To Create Cleavage
By Joanna Jones
Since I was not on HRT and was flat as a pancake in my early days, I had been using the...
Keep Your Skin Smooth and Pretty!
By Isabella Ross
Very few things can beat the sensation of shaving yourself completely smooth (except...
No Longer Do I Allow Fear To Guide My Life
By Victoria Michelle Williams
I am a very nice woman who truly accepts who she is 100%! No longer...
Hand Holding Dilemma
By Joanna Jones
What to do. When my wife and I go out together it can sometimes be a problem about holding hands. In fact, the...
Black Lagoon and Blackmail
By Ronnie K
Ron is approached by Jarvis, a 20-something author working on a screenplay for a take-off on the classic movie ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’. He asks Ron to become Ronnie, gender bending to fill the role of the female in the story...
I'm An Average Guy
By Patri Sánchez Monroe
This is me, well, a part of me. I'm actually a man. Yes, a man of the most ordinary...
Who Am I
By Ana Cristina García
In this realm, I am Ana Cristina García or Cristy as my friends call me. “I am a happily married...
Opening The Door For Her To See
By Juliet Gee
I suppose I started like most others wearing my mother’s clothes, I was still at junior school...
By Stefia Satoh with Carollyn Olson
We’ve had a number of friends ask us how we manage to pack outfits for boy...
Late Bloomer
By Carollyn Olson
Our cat climbed in my spouse’s nylon box and destroyed a couple...
How I Came To Be
By Louise Sussex
Hi, my name is Louise and this is a little about me and...
By Bethany La Belle
I had never ventured out as Beth...
I Favour The Classy Style
By Katherine Jessica
I’m Kat, a Tgirl from London, England. I favour the classy style, love high heels and...
About This Website
By Joanna Jones
Welcome back to my new website location! It's me, Joanna Jones. I will be adding more...
His Face Turned Red, But Did Not Say Anything
By Alina Wang
I am Alina, a natural tv/cd/ts living in London. I do part-time modelling...
Going underground
By Babette Jones
So many men at one of these stages, including a stage where they never confided anything, just assume it's a deal breaker and decide...
Loves To Transform Into A Woman
By Josephine (Josy) Nyl
I am a somewhat older man (60) who has remained young at heart and who loves to transform...

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