A Note From My Wife

By Christy
Hello, my name is Christy and Joanna is my husband. My first recollection of my husband's love to cross dress was over 25 years ago when we lived in Hawaii. I remember him putting on my colorful green Hawaiian sundress and me taking a picture of him posing on the bed.

Over the years, he would wear my girlie tops and underwear, but would eventually collect his own stash of outfits.

In the beginning, I was uncomfortable going out in public with him dressed in girlie clothes, but I knew he enjoyed the experience and I gradually became accustomed to it over the years.

It wasn't until he really perfected his look and became "passable" that I totally embraced "Joanna".

I go everywhere with Joanna now as my BFF. We go to dinner, concerts, movies, fairs, vacations, etc. and I love it!

I am here to answer any of your questions from my perspective regarding anything to do with your husband or boyfriend cross dressing.


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