By Joanna Jones
What to do. Admirers. You either love them, hate them or just appreciate them. I actually appreciate them. Look, this is part of what some CD girls say would be the horrible baggage that comes with dressing up. Well I say, what do you expect? If you are going to go around dressing up like a girl, then you must expect to be treated just like a real girl.

Regular girls have their fan base. They get ogled by men all the time. Sometimes there are women who look at other women in a sexual way too. But I don't see real girls getting all upset with guys looking at them sexually too especially when they are dressed to the nines. Most admirers of us girls are not gay. The admirers are looking at a girl. Not a guy in a dress. You are going to get the same comments of lust just like a girl would get. On the other side of the fence you are going to get the gay or bi-sexual elements that look at you too.

Nothing wrong with that. Why some CD's have this problem is beyond me.

If you don't want the attention then don't dress. Don't put on your sexy dresses. Don't pretend to be a female and not want all the attention that come with it. If you were a real girl you would not be having these issues. I know if I was a real girl, I would not be upset at all. In fact I would be very disappointed if I did not get any "man" comments at all. Now as a guy, if another man came up and wanted to hit on me then I might not like that. But we are not guys in dresses. We are women. We are girls that some of us achieve the goal of fooling even ourselves. Take the admirers as the BEST compliments that a CD can get. Even if they are gay in nature. I mean really, how many gay guys want a guy in a dress. They want another guy. They are not looking at you that way. It's a girl in a dress. Most are confused at their lust. If they are bi then they are looking at you both ways. Two for the price of one I suppose. Just don't take this stuff seriously.
There is one item that does make me cringe. That's the admirers who show their ... pictures to you on places like Flickr. These guys think that is what a girl wants to see whether we are real girls or not.

I have scolded several guys in the past about those photos. If I was a real girl, or I was into that sort of thing with guys, they are thinking just like a guy. Girls don't want to see ... Guys go to strip clubs to see all flesh. Girls go to clubs to see the skimpy sexy outfits on the guys. Since we are in girl mode when we are all dressed up and if I was into the gay scene then I would not want to see the ...

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