Name:  Alyssa Medrano
Houston, Texas
Green eyes
Brunette (natural shoulder length)
I am a late 30's closed crossdresser from Houston, Texas. My first experience with dressing started when I was very young. My sister inadvertently introduced me to the joy of wearing dresses. When I was somewhere between the ages of 4-6 she got the idea to turn her little brother, into a little sister. (She is 4 years older than me, and we have no other siblings) I enjoyed the attention she showed me, and absolutely loved the look and feel of wearing her clothes. She eventually became bored of her "little sister" and stopped dressing me up...those feeling came back when I was 19-20. I had a girlfriend that wanted to dress me up for halloween. I let her and we had the most amazing time. I have dressed every Halloween (and sometimes on a random weekend) ever since. Now I try to be my female persona as often as I can. I really love being Alyssa.


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