The Most Amazing First Night Out Ever!

By Tawni Bonds
Yes, I had been out dressed before: to walk in my back yard at night; to drive the car late at night in deserted areas. But this was my real first time out… And in public. With normal people out there and everything!

I’ll skip over the preliminaries of how I was challenged by an internet girl to show up on her doorstep. Promising me that if I did, I could try on her thigh-high patent leather lace-up boots with 6-inch heels – something that proved almost too much to resist. And how, after I did show up ‘en-drab’ I got trapped into agreeing to go out with a bunch of girls I had not even met yet – all because of the promise of thigh high boots just met that afternoon!

What matters is later that night I showed up at the same apartment complex where the infamous “Slut-Hut” located. I was dressed to the nines in my black leather mini skirt, black sleeveless front zipping bodycon top, sheer black stockings and 5” stiletto black pumps. My long red wig fastened securely in place and my makeup meticulously applied. Total conversion time from decision to go to standing on the doorstep was 5 hours! Most of that time spent flip-flopping about whether to show or not.

My heart was pounding as my heels loudly clicked their way to that door. The knock, very gentle and quiet sounded like a cannon going off to me. I was sure all the neighbors were going to come out and say, “Look at that ridiculous man in women’s clothes!” and laugh long and loud before converging to beat the living daylights out of me.

What felt like hours ticked away as I stood shivering in the warm night air before the door opened and a very tall girl shouted to the room behind her, “She’s here!”, and then to me, “Get your skinny little ass in here sister”.

With trepidation, I entered that sacred room of the Couch-Kitten’s. Five girls, buzzed around me in various stages of the transformation and dress. They were putting on lipstick, shimming into skirts and dresses, adjusting wigs and chatting away a-mile-a-minute. I sat among the whirlwind of activity and among the wig heads and boas and make up and shoes and clothing that were scattered everywhere. The aroma of all that perfume made my head spin. I was a shrinking mouse among these Amazons! I actually was the shortest girl in the room by a good few inches.

Finally, the girl I had met that afternoon, the ‘ring-leader’ came in. through the front door. She spotted me and threw her arms around me as she shouted “I didn’t think you were going to come!” All the girls surrounded me with appraising looks and hugs and introductions: Heather, Brooke, Babs, Gio, Barbara, Beverly and Jill. And before I knew it, we were out the door, talking loudly, shoes clattering away at top volume as we walked the length of the swimming pool to the front security gate. I was surrounded by a tall forest of girls who were not afraid of going out fully, loudly and proudly. I was in a daze. I was in shock. No one else was. Which was also shocking to me. I was starting to feel safe among these giants who feared no one and no thing.

We poured into a few cars and drove to the infamous Queen Mary – I know! I am dating myself – right?! I had been there once before with a girl and another couple to see the “freaks” put on a show which was hilarious and secretly so inspiring to me. But now I was going there to BE the freaks! Wow. I suddenly realized how scared I was. But the energy of all the girls around me – laughing, telling stories, hugging – it made me forget my fear a little bit.

But when they had to park the cars a block away from the Queen Mary my fear flooded back in. We were going to walk a block and a half down a busy public street. I was sure we were going to be mugged or worse – drive by shooting. Instead we received a drive by wolf call, a few whistles, and more than a few verbal proposals to engage in various sex acts with the individual hanging out the window. I was very surprised when one of the drive by guys shouted out, “Foxy Lady!!! You!!! Red Head!!!! Hey Red!!! I think I love youuuuuuuuuuu”. Wow.

The sway in my walk flowed back into me and I suddenly WAS that sexy girl I had always dreamed of being. Babs and Barbara linked arms with me and we entered the back door of the Queen Mary. What me first was the wall of sound: Music and voices trying to talk over it. When we turned the corner, I was flooded with the sight of what felt like a hundred girls dancing, sitting, strutting, drinking, laughing, grinding and all manner of just having fun. It was a lot to take in.

And immediately, two ‘gentlemen’ came up to me with a very large smile on their faces. The taller of the two said, “Hello my Queen. May I buy you a drink?” And the other touched my bare forearm saying, “Princess, I think we both could buy you a drink.” And my girls whisked me away from them saying, “Oh, those are Ivan and Wayne. They love new girls! And Wayne is a true gentleman.”

So I was immediately brimming with the new feeling of being wanted as a girl and so disappointed that they hit on every new girl. Over the years Wayne was to become a good friend and, while it is true, that Ivan always leered over and hit on the new girls, Wayne was a gentleman and became a very good friend in the end. He always looked out for me, protected me, bought me drinks and well, I just loved talking with him.

The club seemed to absorb me and before I knew it I was dancing away the night with other girls and guys on the dance floor, stepping out onto the smoking patio to cool off and then back to my dream come true new life as a girl! A real girl. An accepted girl. So it was with great disappointment that “Last Round” was called and the house lights came up to a glaringly cruel ‘time to go’ brightness shortly thereafter. My new posse of girls once again surrounded me as we headed out the door. But there was a very tall man in a long, white coat at the end of the bar who hooked my elbow and asked me where I was going. I pointed to my friends and shrugged. I started to walk away and he snagged me again, pulling me onto his lap and said, “You don’t want to disappoint Daddy do you?” I asked, “Who’s Daddy?” He replied that he was Daddy. I told him my Daddy was very happy with me and was waiting. He wasn’t going to let me go and that’s when the girls all surrounded him along with Wayne and bargained my release. I was petrified. Thank goodness for Wayne and the girls. I had no experience with this kind of behavior and for the first time I could begin to understand what women have to go through.

As the girls pulled me out the door, laughing at Daddy, I was calming down enough to realize that the magic night was over. I turned to Darya and said, “What a wonderful night this was!” and she stopped me in the street, took me by my shoulders and replied, “Tawni, it isn’t over till it’s over and it’s not over yet!” Puzzled I joined the girls on the walk back to the cars…

Something new and wonderful was happening to me. I was outside. It was 2AM. The chill in the Southern California air was embracing me, my legs, my bare arms… I was electrified by this new feeling of the cool night air hitting me. I was feeling so absolutely wonderful with all these new sensations. Why would anyone NOT wish to be a girl and feel all these sensations!

We piled into the two cars and headed in a new direction. And this direction was definitely not back towards the ‘Slut-Hut’. We were going deeper into the valley. “Where are we going,” I asked Barbara? She smiled, giggled and would only say, “You’ll see.”

Our two cars pulled to a stop in a dark parking lot somewhere in the North Valley of Los Angeles. All the girls surrounded me and we began walking to what I thought was a bowling alley. They threw open the doors to reveal an after-hours café, bar and – are you ready for this? A theater. And everyone in there was either a cross dresser, trans or female. We ordered some food and waited for the play to end and when it did, a large crowd filed out of the theater. More crossdressers, trans and females flowed around our table cuing up to the bar and deserts. I had no idea there were this many of us! I had no idea how absolutely stunning beautiful some of us are and I had no idea that any female would care to have anything to do with our kind.

I was gobsmacked to put it mildly. One of the girls and her female counterpart, sat at our table and the female started commenting on how wonderful I looked. She made me stand up and twirl around which earned me some whistles and a round of applause from the rest of the room! I blushed and quickly sat back down. She leaned in and hot whispered into my ear, “Sweetie, I could just eat you up!” Then her tongue darted into my ear and chills shot all over my body. I had never felt anything like this… then her hand came to rest on my knee. I looked to her with a mixture of fear and desire. She ignored me, but her hand began to slowly work its way up my thigh. Lightly, dangling just her fingernails. And my body was beginning to shake as some incredibly intense sensations tingle all over my body. Growing more intense and starting to rock my world. Just when she got to the hem of my leather miniskirt, which had crept up very high on my legs, she turned to me, smiled so sweetly and said, “Hot Darlin’ – maybe another time.” She leaned over and kissed me on the lips, just a flash of tongue and then she and her spouse(?), friend(?), boyfriend-in-girls clothing, stood up, winked at me and she lead her off. I had not noticed the collar and leash that was attached to her.

All the girls laughed and teased me. I was blushing furiously and that’s when Babs suggested that we go to yet another place. All the girls giggled and agreed and we headed back to the cars and started driving over the hill towards the beach.

No one would tell my anything about where we were going again so I was forced to just enjoy the ride and feel the wind in my hair and the chill early morning air caressing my legs.

We pulled up to a parking meter in front of a place called the King’s Head. I knew this place. It was an English bar that was always packed. But it was close to three AM and it was closed. I looked around confused, but Babs and Gia took my arms we started to loudly click-clack down the street together. When we reached some cement stairs that lead down, we stopped. Everyone fixed each others make up and then down we went.

I have lived here all my life and I had never seen these stairs here before. It felt like New York, where the stairs lead down to a restaurant or jazz club or bar. We descended the stairs in single file because that was pretty much all that could fit. Babs opened the door and led me inside.

It was very dark and red in this place. It was hard to see, but I was glad to be inside as it was getting even colder out there. The room had an aroma to it of smoked wood and leather. I could not really see much because it was so dark and so red. Then Babs threw back a curtain and what I saw was both amazing and shocking.

Directly in front of us, about 20 feet was a beautiful girl, naked except for her high heels. She was bound to a giant ‘X’ (St. Andrew’s Cross I believe it is called) – her wrists belted to the top of the ‘X’ and her ankles to the bottom of the it. She was spread and writhing. A heavy set man wearing a black leather vest, black leather pants, leather arm band was wielding a flogger that landed with a yelp on her buttocks. I didn’t know what to do. My mind froze up. I was staring and curious but also feeling creepy a little bit. The man continued to flog this girl. His whip hit the insides of her thighs, the top and bottom of her butt. It flashed across her waist and with each hit she would yelp in pain. After what seemed like hours he stopped and released her to applause from the room. She fell into his arms and he lifted her up like she was a small child. He carried her over to the bench just in front of us and covered her with a cape and snuggle with her. I was in shock. She seemed to be in a place that was not here. She seemed to be in love with this man who had just tormented her.

Babs took me by the arm because I may have been staring. She dragged me to the bar and we ordered drinks. We sat. I started to ask a question but Babs just pointed to a corner. IN this corner was a well-muscled man strapped to a leather table and two Mistresses where dripping hot candle wax on him. He could do nothing but moan as had a very large ball gag in his mouth. IN another corner, a girl was bound and suspended from ropes. She had clamps on her nipples, a gag and a blindfold. People would walk under her with their arms up so that their fingertips could tickle or scratch her. She flinched and contorted. It was really something to see. I had never even dreamed of these things before.

In another part of the room was a small cage with a fat man locked inside wearing nothing but a gag, his hands bound behind his back. Two girls were using their stocking covered feet to toy with him.

About this time, a man came into the room wearing a white fur coat, a white hat with a green jewel on it, black pants, and cowboy boots. He had a girl on each arm – very hot girls I might add. They were wearing head to toe deep red leather catsuits and hoods – all I could see were their mouths and eyes. In front of him were three girls dressed like horses attached to reins, which he held. Each of these girls were wearing nothing but a G-String and pasties. Each of them had a bit in their mouths, blinders and a lot of leather straps. There were bells attached to their pasties. The man paraded them around the room and then took a seat at the center sofa, the girls arrayed themselves around him. As he sat and watched the room ‘play’ he stroked the heads of the girls at his feet.

I could not take my eyes off him and the Pony girls and the catsuits. He caught my gaze and smiled at me, indicating I should come join him, but I was frozen in place. I could not move. I was now filled with fear. I was shaking again. I looked around for the girls I had come in with and could not find any of them. I left my drink and went about the room and found other smaller rooms with various acts of bondage, bdsm or who knows what going on. I ran out of the room, up the steps and all the way to the car – quite a remarkable feat considering I was in5 inch heels.

The cars were gone!!!! THE CARS WERE GONE!!!! Yikes!!!! I had no identification with me, and only a few dollars left from the night. The cold was setting in and I was shaking and miserable and scared and …

“Can I help you, Ma’am?” a deep voice directly behind said. I turned, startled by the man. It was Mr. white fur coat! He was alone now. I stared at him… “No need to be frightened Ma’am. I am only trying to help you.”

I stammered something and he laughed and said, “It would be my pleasure to help you find your friends. Why not come back inside the club and lets look for them together?” He took my arm and guided me gently – almost sweetly – back to the club. His girls were summoned and we all started looking for my friends. It was then that I noticed my phone had a message on it. I went into the ladies room and listened: “Hi Tawni!! We looked for you everywhere but you must have wondered off to see some scene or something. We had to go but I have my friend Al waiting to take you home. You can find him easily. He sits at the bar and looks like a Hell’s Angel. But don’t let that throw you, he’s a pussycat.” Click.

Mr. White Fur coat was resting his hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him and smiled. He asked me who was on the phone? I told him it was my friends. They are waiting for me at the bar. He smiled, bowed and escorted me out of the ladies’ room. When we got to the bar there was only one person there who looked like a Hell’s Angel. He had a denim sleeveless biker jacket, big black boots, jeans, a chain going from his wallet to his belt loop, a T-Shirt that read, “Harley. She’s my woman. Topanga”. He was wearing dark sunglasses, even in here, and a red bandana around his forehead to keep his long hair from tangling with his even longer beard.

I pointed to him and thanked Mr. White Fur Coat and took the few steps over to the Biker. “Hi.” I said. “I’m Tawni – Bab’s friend?” Nothing. No reaction what so ever. “You’re Al?” I continued. He looked me up and down but said nothing. Mr. White Fur coat stepped forward to stand by me. Al broke out into a big smile and the two hugged each other. Mr. White Fur Coat said, “She’s with you?” Al replied, “I don’t know,” and he turned to me, “Are you?”

I nodded and the two of them shook hands. Mr White Fur Coat wandered back to his stable of girls and Al slapped his hand on the bar stool indicating I was to sit. I sat. He said nothing but went back to sucking on his beer. I just watched.

After a while he turned to me and said, “You need a lift to the Valley?” “Yes,” I said.
Good thing for you I’m going that way. I’ll drop you off.” I said, “I would be grateful for that.” He replied, “How grateful?” I gulped, flushed red, stammered and finally said, “I’d be happy to pay for your gas.” That line cracked him up He was laughing so hard that he slapped his own thigh and repeated my words. He was still chuckling as he rose from the bar stool, slipped his arm around my waist and escorted me out of that place.

Once outside, I asked him where his car was. He pointed to a giant old Harley Davidson motorcycle. Oh my.

I was shaking from the cold again. He looked me up and down, taking in my leather miniskirt, heels and skin tight sleeveless top. “Well,“ he said, “You are going to freeze to death wearing that on the back of my bike…”

He went to his bike took a rolled-up leather jacket out from somewhere and handed it to me, saying “Put that one and let’s go!” I shrugged into the giant leather coat as he stood on the starter thing and the motorcycle ROARED to life with so much noise and fury it was scary. Over the noise of its idle he pointed to the back of the bike and shouted, “Get on Sweetie.”

I gingerly walked up to the bike. I tried to put my leg over it but my skirt was constricting that large movement – yes – even a miniskirt!!! I had no choice but to hike it up a bit more so I could do the maneuver and sit on the damned thing. Once on, he reached around and took my hands and put them around his waist and we roared off into the night. It was so cold. And the bike vibrated something. I was forced to scrunch down and hug tightly to him to get out of the wind and cold and to be sure I did not fall off.

As we drove back towards the 405 freeway, up Wilshire blvd, the sun began to peek through between the buildings. It was beautiful and thrilling and scary and, now that I know how it ended – really fun!!! Al drove me all the way back to Studio City and dropped me at the corner of my street – something I begged him to do for fear of his bike waking up the entire neighborhood. He flashed me the peace symbol as he tore off into the dawn.

I turned to walk back to my place and suddenly realized that not only was I still wearing his coat, but that somebody might see me dressed like this and mincing down the street. I had no choice. I could not stand there any longer. SO I began to walk the half block to my place. My shoes making a very loud click-clacking as I went. I finally decided that it would be better to ruin a pair of stocking than be caught like this, so I took my shoes off, carried them in one hand and continued to walk. It occurred to me that I looked very much like I was doing the “Walk of Shame”!

That was the very first time I went out in public dressed. It is a night I will never forget. Yes, some of the names have been changed, maybe a few little details I have reinvented or gotten wrong, but I swear every word of it is true. And the girls from the Slut-Hut? They became my closet friends. I love them each in a very special way. They showed me that it didn’t matter if you passed or not, only that you had fun, felt good and remained safe! And a special word for dear sweet Wayne. Wayne has passed on but while he was on this planet he did so much for me and all the girls. He protected us, worried about us, was always glad to see us and never upset or involved in silly dramas. When the various T-girl clubs closed he started up his own which ran for a year or two before he abdicated it to his friend.

I guess you could say that I am a very lucky girl!!

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