Name:  Amber Crouse
Seven Valleys, PA.
Hi y'all I'm Amber Crouse, I'm from Seven Valleys, PA. It's a very small town population of less than 500, and on top of that the county that it's located in is very conservative, so I have never been out in public yet, and I so want too.

I started dressing at very young age, putting on my mothers things. I've dressed on and off ever since. I'm recently divorced. My wife had found my stash and asked the typical are you gay question.

My reply was no! But I do think I'm bi. Then she wanted to see me dressed, and much to my surprise was very into it and gave me the name Amber. Only two people know about my dressing, her and her friend Jody.

I so want to go out in public, I feel I'm ready for the adventure, however living in such a conservative area it's very difficult.


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