Name:  Annastasya (Nastja Sherer)
ATTENTION: I am young transgendered person and enjoy the life as it is... . That means – I am not a girl or woman.

I like to think I am an artist and as an artist I like to transform myself into a woman. That is just a hobby for me. I see it (crossdressing) as an art, a certain way to impress my soul, feelings and just to share with you the beauty of transformation.

So if you feel offended, shocked, depressed, sad or you just don’t like/understand what you see, please leave and forget my profile.

I think, crossdressing can be really attractive and in last years I have found many really elegant, beautiful and interesting persons. It is kind of magic – you look on their photos and can’t believe that it is truly a guy. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t that a thing to admire? For me – it is!


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