Black Lagoon and Blackmail

By Ronnie K
Ron is approached by Jarvis, a 20-something author working on a screenplay for a take-off on the classic movie ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’. He asks Ron to become Ronnie, gender bending to fill the role of the female in the story.

After the lagoon encounter she takes a job as a Weekie Wachee mermaid, not far from where the original movie was filmed. The distraught woman seeks to ease her conscience of helping to destroy the creature by going back to the stand-in spot and leaving a heart-felt momento.

Troubles with filming ensue, with Ronnie almost drowning, interruptions and public relations issues. The actress makes additional waves for herself when she has an edgy flirtation with Stellar her studly co-star. This makes for difficulties dealing with the writer who wants to date her but is too shy to ask.

On the last day of filming the crew and cast are put in real danger when Ronnie and Jarvis are held against their will for having exposed a blackmail plot, and may not get away unscathed.

Will Ronnie decide who to pursue romantically – IF he/she gets out of his/her deadly bound and gagged situation?
Black Lagoon and Blackmail: A Bender Mystery & Romance Kindle Edition

by Ronnie K (Author) Format: Kindle Edition
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