Born In The Right Body!

By Jenny London
Like so many of us, I started cross-dressing in my teenage years. It started with a faily normal obsession with the lingerie section in my mother's home shopping catalogue... but unlike the other boys who just wanted to look at pictures of scantily clad women, I was obsessed with the lingerie itself! I started secretly dressing up in my mum's and sister's clothes when nobody was home. More and more often, I would start making up excuses to stay home on my own!

Fast forward a few years, as soon as I had my own money and my own place, I started building up a collection of female clothes, lingerie, wigs, jewellery, and makeup. I dress as often as I can, and also love going out to some of London's TV venues! I never felt that I wanted to be a woman - I'm fortunate to have been born in the RIGHT body! I just love the thrill of dressing up.

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