Name:  Chicle Barrage

:  Abergavenny, Wales
I am Chicle Rhianwen Barrage.., just a part time T Girl hoping to bring a little colour and happiness into peoples lives by sharing the pics that I love to create. I am both the model and photographer and if some of my pics and life insights help other girls discover their true selves then I am truly happy.

I'm simply an over 50 single transvestite / crossdresser / Genderfluid T Girl.... Call me what you like but I don't really like labels..., we are all just unique individuals making the most of the life we love ! Whatever that entails..!! I love to look femme whenever I can and hope to add pics regularly but shopping to look good can be so expensive.....!

Creating my pictures for your enjoyment and receiving "likes", "comments" and lovely messages is more than reward enough for me. However every girl loves a gift and if you feel so inclined then you will find a little list here..

My dress size is usually a UK size 12 (skirt 10)... For girls that can't dress freely at home, or simply want to have a girls night in, I can occasionally provide overnight accommodation for a little donation towards food and drink costs, it's a little better than your local Travelodge or Premier Inn as I have a spare double room, your own bathroom and space to dress and be your femme self with good company (me..!!) and a bottle of fine wine ! I am lucky to live alone so can dress freely and always love a good girls night in anytime.. I would also love to create pics with another beauty by my side..

Oh, and for those that often ask.. "Chicle" ..say it like Treacle.. ( Cheek~le )


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