Crossdressing This Stranger

By Luna Moreschi
I leave you to imagine the confusion I already had at an early age when I felt I preferred the female world to my original one ... go to bed in the evening hoping to wake up the next morning magically transformed into a girl ..... Then the roads of life lead you to crossroads and you have to make choices, which however I do not deny! I often asked myself if it was time to abandon everything and change my life ..... but I never did. Lack of courage? cowardice? fear of losing the already acquired certainties? perhaps the passage of time helped me to manage the instincts, it brought me closer to the awareness that maybe I would not have been able to face a total change, maybe I have neither the physical capacity nor the mental one. For the rest of the world it would not matter that much, but the family is essential for me. However, how to explain it to my children? understand? all reasoning that also beset my mind. Let's say that, even for me and despite the remarkable age achieved ......... well, the confusion still reigns supreme and .......... I think it will continue ....... .

How many times have I said: now just stop with this story, and then?

You do not know how many clothes and shoes have taken the path of waste and then, past the moment when my male part was trying a sortie, I was once again strongly involved in the female one ........... 'it's nothing to do, maybe this is what I like most .......

Another issue is to want to express publicly, and I do not have much experience in this, with regret I tell you that my outputs were very limited and the number of people who saw Luna live is very restricted. Of course, I would like it too, and you do not know how much, to be able to move quietly among the people, but a bit 'for my height and then the awareness of being unmasked I hold back strongly. Let's not forget the logistical aspect, getting out of my condominium like Luna would be practically impossible ...... or, in any case, too risky.

Reasoning on his own bisexuality, I find the term very relative and random, it is only an indication of what is inculcated from our ancient and rigid education and religion, with a person if you are fine, no matter the gender, you look at the added value that it can give you. ......... for sex then, that is a speech still apart and there can only be if the motivation is born.

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