Desire To Crossdress

By Terri Johnson
I am a crossdresser who created and embraces the creed: "I am what I am and I am what I am not." I currently live in Houston and have traveled around the country (and to a limited extent abroad) both for work and fun - which has allowed me to experience different styles and approaches to crossdressing. Personally, I tend to favor the classy style, with dresses and high heels . . . and as many different "hairstyles" (translation: wigs) as I can!. I have gone out in public and love being with a few friends for dinner and drinks, as opposed to the party scene with a bunch of people I don't know - just a personal preference.

My back story is fairly typical, I started dressing in my early teens - whether because I was going to an almost entirely "boys school" and was curious or to satisfy some compulsion I will never know. Like so many others, the early years included desires which were part fetish, part fantasy, part escapism, and part excitement. Though there were some extended periods of time where she "disappeared", Terri continued to evolve with the help of a number of makeup artists and transformation services, along with the influences of those on the Internet (including some who are featured on this site - to those I say "thank you").

Today: I cannot explain the desire to crossdress and have quit trying! The fetish aspect has (mostly) evaporated but the feeling of being a completely different person when dressed continues to this day. I truly enjoy being Terri for whatever period of time I can manage and thus escaping the everyday world of her twin. I love having a presence on the web, as it has let me experience this community and my TG friends. I have met a few other TG people and hope to meet more friends in the future.

Ahh, there it is, the "Future": I get it, who "knows what it will hold". For me, I am not drawn to nor do I have a fetish about any single article of clothing; for me, it is the "whole thing/look or nothing"! So, I will continue dressing as long as it is fun and I feel like I am doing it justice. When that changes, I will stop dressing and move on to what I presume is essentially the realm of "admirer". . . albeit one who knows what the girls are experiencing . . . and feels their joy!

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