Disney World Adventures

By Joanna Jones
Over the years we have lived on and off in Orlando for at least 25 years. Half the time we had the annual pass to Disney World. We took advantage of it many hundreds of times. This picture at Epcot last September we found something new that we have passed time and time again without noticing. To the left of the fountains is a place that coke products around the world are free to try out. Over the last year I suppose we have had a couple of gallons or two. Some yummy, some icky. But it's free so you can't complain.

Around 1983 we moved to Orlando for the first time. Happen to buy a piece of property with an old mobile home with 7.5 acres just south of Disney World main gate within 6 miles for just $16,000. At that time I used to work in downtown Orlando. Sometimes I would on my way home from work take the Epcot exit from I-4 then over to Magic Kingdom parking. Take the tram over to the front entrance and step just inside the front gate about 50 feet. In the good old days before the decrease of trans fat, Disney used coconut oil for their popcorn. So much better! Disney's popcorn back then was to die for. Well, I would buy two popcorns, one for me and one for my wife, then head immediately out to the parking lot then home. Christy was just minutes behind me after work so the popcorn was still a little warm.

Oh that property we bought just south of the main gate? We sold it after just 6 months. Back then 4 miles of the road to it was not paved. It really took a beating to our cars. It was the worst road in Orlando. Now jump ahead to today. Everything is paved of course. In 2006 before the collapse of the housing market our next door neighbor's regular house that had 5 acres next to our 7.5 acres, sold for 1.5 million! Oh well.

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