Dressing For Perfection

By Martina Tyler
I am a 69 years young T-girl who has been dressing part-time for nearly 20 years. Unlike most others, I started fairly late in life but dressing for perfection has become my passion. I am heterosexual and happily married to a wonderful woman who is fully supportive of my transgender interests. (In my case there is a man and a woman trapped in my male body, which makes me a true two-spirit). I would like to meet and communicate with other T-girls or people who have an interest in transgender issues.

Martina is a retired engineer from Australia who lives mainly in Thailand after working there for more than six years. Like some girls, she started to discover her transgender self fairly late in life but now eighteen years later can only say how much she has enjoyed her journey. She will be quick to tell you that this has been helped enormously by a wonderful woman, Twiggy, her spouse, best friend and co-conspirator, who has helped her along the transgender path in many ways. She feels very privileged indeed to have such strong support.

In defining her gender, Martina identifies as a “two-spirit”; in other words, she claims to be inhabited by both a man and woman, but says they get along just fine. She has no ambitions to dress full time or seek surgery other than possibly a face lift when her sagging face starts touching her knee-caps, so she says. She usually becomes a T-girl at night, jokingly calling herself the “were-woman”, but can be occasionally seen during the day in one of the major shopping centres of Chiang Mai having lunch or shopping for that new dress. In fact, she would be quick to admit that when it comes to ladies-wear, she is a true shopaholic and is on constant look-out for as many skirts, dresses (mostly mini-length) and high heel shoes s as she can find. She does acknowledge the need to dress more conservatively when out and about but occasionally, when she feels the impulse to be a little bit naughty, gives in to wearing something very short out at night maintaining that having a good figure and legs is all that is required, regardless of age. The bottom line is that she is a perfectionist and therefore very fussy when it comes to her overall appearance, which she sees as an art-form.

Martina is a keen photographer and has travelled extensively around Thailand as well as frequent visits to nearby countries including China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bhutan and Burma. In fact, she recently celebrated her latest birthday in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

Martina has made many friends in the T-Girl world several of whom she has met personally and have become close friends over the years. She always welcomes meeting new people along the way.

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