EN FEMME - Not born "femme" but

By Martine Silver
First, my name is Martine. I live in France. I considered myself transgender.

I discover my attraction for femininity so many years when I was 9 or 10 years old. One day the mother of a friend gave me a pair of ballerina dance slippers to wear, so I would not damaged the newly polished floor. I discovered the pleasures were immense and it affected me profoundly.

After that, my interest for the feminine things increased as the days went by. Back then, women wore girdles and nylon stockings. After this episode with the shoes, I quickly searched the chest of drawers of my mother. Very naturally, I tried a pair of stockings on to begin, then came the girdles, bras, panties, shoes, boots, the creams for the face and then the lipstick. In 1968, There was a revolution: The pantyhose! And of course I fell in love with them.

I was delighted but at the same time was filled with guilt. I was abnormal and it worried me terribly. During puberty, I was dying to see my breasts developed. Regrettably nothing happen, only the hairs which begun to develop. In spite of all of this, I wanted to have a normal life. I got married and had 2 children. However, I got dressed more and more as a girl. Towards the age of 35 years I bought myself my first wig. It was not easy to find this essential element of the femininity, beautiful hair piece.

The internet was a great revolution for us, the T-girls. The net has really modified our life; purchases became extremely simple with all the online shops. And then, there were the social networks, and digital photography which really freed us and allowed to express much more easily our femininity side. Now, I am 60 years old and very happy to share my feminine life with other "sisters".

I am always married and live regularly in "FEMME". I have almost no more men's wear in my wardrobe. Sometimes I walk as a woman in and around town, which gives me so much enjoyment, and great moments of intense pleasure. Especially when someone say to me "Hello madam".

It is not easy to sum up in a few lines of words, 50 years of a life as "me". In a next article I would tell you other things of my feminine life.

KISSES to all of you my friends


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