Everyone Just Needs A Little Bit Of Courage

By Bethany La Belle
I had never ventured out as Beth.

Never had the courage or the know how.

I had been crossdressing for years and it's difficult to remember what started me off. I remember being in the local park. I must have been 13 or 14. Girls were on my mind. Hormones had kicked in big time, however like many teenage boys I was terribly shy.

This day I spotted the elder sister of a friend of mine pushing her baby sister in her pram. She was wearing the prettiest dress I had ever seen.

It was rose pink satin, with short puffed sleeves and a skirt that stopped just below her knee. It shimmered and swished when she walked. The satin was shining in the sun and I was totally mesmerized by it.

Despite my love of girls it wasn't her that I wanted, but her dress!

I fantasized about meeting her and telling her how much I loved her dress and her saying to me " would you like to wear it" . It would be about this time that I would get out of control and spurt into the tissue. What a fantastic feeling.

I often went back to the park but sadly never saw her wearing the same dress.

What it meant though was that I knew I had a fascination with what girls wore, especially the silky and satin materials. I didn't know why but I knew it was a strong feeling.

I satisfied my urges to dress in girls clothes in an opportunistic way. I might find some knickers or a nylon slip left behind in the girls changing rooms at school. I was mostly attracted to the girls that wore the most girly clothes.

My mother also had a wardrobe of clothes that she no longer wore because they were out of style. In the back of the wardrobe was a 1950s style floral pattern silk dress with a full skirt. I can still remember the first day I put it on and the feeling of the cool smooth silk material against my adolescent skin.

It felt delicious and exciting and I wished I could be somewhere I could indulge in this pleasure without fear of being caught.

That was all a long time ago but my feelings and urges have never changed. I have had some lovely relationships with girlfriends but have never had the courage to own up to being a crossdresser.

Now I find myself living alone with the Internet for company and it is a whole new world, buying beautiful clothes on line, wigs, sexy heels, and make up has changed everything. Dressing when I liked without the guilt, shame and fear. Just relaxing enjoyment of the female world. Just a pity it took so long.

It is also comforting to know that there are so many beautiful souls out there just like me looking for acceptance and enjoying the love of dressing as a beautiful woman.

It was online that I met Samantha and Mandy. Both real girls and lovers of submissive transvestites like me.

They dress beautifully in the clothes I love most. Tight pencil skirts and silky blouses with killer heels and black stockings.

In our online chat they said that they had many friends from the community and loved the scene. What they enjoyed most was to encourage shy girls like me to come out. Venture out into the t girl community and enjoy themselves.

We arranged to meet at their cottage, which was out of town, on Saturday.

I would arrive at 10.00am and they would do my make up and choose some nice outfits and then decide what to do for the day. I couldn't believe my luck at finding such lovely girls. Girls I could trust and indulge in my fantasies with. I was so excited and couldn't wait till Saturday. I was trying to imagine what the experience would be like..........

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