Experimenting with Androgyny

By Christine Celeste
Whilst nothing can compare to dressing completely I haven’t had an opportunity to do this recently, and my wife doesn’t like to see me dressed. However, she is happy for me to be partially feminine, wearing nail varnish, earrings, make-up and feminine clothes. I thought I’d share some recent experiences where I’ve been away with my wife and others.

The first trip was on a dance weekend at a spa. I mustered up the courage to wear some quite feminine pink coral drop earrings and painted a couple of nails. This may not sound much but it broke through a barrier for me and I found that it was so easy to be accepted. No-one really seemed bothered. Friends made one or two comments out of interest, but there was nothing uncomfortable.

The second trip was with my wife to France. Here I painted my nails in a light pink pearly shade (fingers and toes) and wore drop earrings in the evening and during the day. I also wore a feminine pearl drop necklace and a pearl bracelet and wore some light make-up to dinner on two nights. Initially I felt self-conscious but as the evening went on I realised that no-one was bothered about what I looked like. Ok, there was a slightly longer initial look on meeting someone, but that was all. This was another big step forward for me.
I have been going out for years fully en-femme and nowadays it does not scare me. Going out as a man wearing feminine things is a different ballgame. I think that as a woman I am in disguise, people don’t know who I am in everyday life. However as a man in feminine things I am much more afraid and am gradually overcoming this, allowing my real self to come to the fore in everyday life. Previously I have been hindered by my false compliant self that says I should be a ‘normal’ middle-class business type. I think this goes beyond gender to a deeper level of confidence in just being proud to be me and unafraid to show it to the world.

I am so privileged to have a wife who encourages me in this. She doesn’t like the body shaping, wigs, heels and dresses – but is happy with make-up and jewellery.

So I am looking forward to more androgynous experiences and interested to see how satisfying I can find it in the androgynous mode rather than fully feminine.

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