Expressing My Feminine Feelings

By Nora Simone
I am a happily married heterosexual, gender-fluid MTF crossdresser. “Crossdresser” is part of my descriptor because my life has been, and remains, predominantly expressed as a male.

Expressing my feminine feelings is essential to my overall health and happiness. It is who I am and I consider it a blessing. Having the ability to present convincingly as male or female is a magical superpower. I mean; “What confident curious man wouldn’t want to know what it’s like to be a gorgeous woman?”

Because I like to experiment my permanent style/appearance is elusive. However, I always seek to present the best possible and most appropriate feminine image for the circumstance. I want other women who see me with admiration and think “Wow - She looks great!”

In public, some common elements consistent to my overall style center on being mature, sophisticated, simple, and modern. This includes appearing healthy, vibrant, well groomed, and confident regardless of circumstance.

In the studio, I am much more adventurous in my presentation: costume, hair, makeup, and props.

As a fashion model, I have been fortunate to collaborate with professional photographers throughout the US. You’d have to look closely to know it’s me, however my image has been featured in posters, websites, magazine covers, and even a calendar (remember those?).

It is hoped that my example will help others abandon fear and embrace their full selves.

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Be safe out there.


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