Name:  Felicia Mars

New England
I'm Felicia, a TG/gender-fluid T-girl in the New England region of the U.S. I have been dressing since the age of four. I have come here as a way to explore a side of me that was dormant for far too long. Essentially Felicia is now a bit of an on and off obsession which takes over my life at certain moments and then she leaves again.

This journey began when I was so young (4) I can barely grasp any of the details. What I remember is wearing my mother's stockings or pantyhose around the house. She took pictures of me reading while sitting in them and made no judgement, clearly letting the door swing open wide on my curiosity, I find it fascinating that I gravitated toward crossdressing at such an early age. What I clearly remember at this time was the sensuality of hosiery. The feel upon my skin. The pleasure and luxury of it. They were such beautiful and innocent moments.

Now in mid-life coming to terms with this lovely side of myself, continuing to evolve and loving it all at the same time.


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