Name:  Felina Rochelle

Mature genderfluid embracing the sensuality of my feminine side & seeking at least a little affirmation, acceptance and love, like most of us tend to do.

I used be conflicted with my gurly side until I surrendered to my femininity & decided to keep my masculinity as well. Today I can change the brakes on my hot rod in the morning and be fully feminized playing with dildos in the evening. I accept both and just flow with the feelings. It's super important to completely give in to each when it's right, otherwise you feel confused and wanting. I also take great care not to act girly when you're in a masculine frame, and vise versa.

In masculine frame I am not attracted to men and I enjoy women in every way. In feminine frame I crave cock and being treated like a woman in every way. I admit though, as a woman I prefer the cock to be on another feminized gurl, but if the right guy came along, I would not refuse my cravings. I've had to train myself to keep my teo sides seperate at all times and life is good. You create your own reality, so make your life the way you want it, it's in your control.


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