The Night
By Tawni Bonds
He slipped into the tight black sleeveless dress. Pulled up the shoulder length gloves. Stepped into the 5" stiletto heeled pumps. Make-up. Jewelry. And feeling the taut electricity of the ruse caressing his body, walked about his hotel room. His every move calculated to heighten his sexuality, to project her sensuality.

It felt so good to be a woman. Even if only in his head. Feeling the dress embrace his . . .
"In The First Flower of Womanhood"
Part 1
By Priscilla O'Farrell
APRIL 1964--It was the last Friday in April, the day before my girlfriend...
"In The First Flower of Womanhood"
Part 2
By Priscilla O'Farrell
Miss Helen said, "First I'll put some panties on you."...
"In The First Flower of Womanhood"
Part 3
By Priscilla O'Farrell
I opened the door. Standing in front of me was a middle-aged mail carrier.,,
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