Fins and Fireplaces

By Ronnie K
“Ron becomes Ronnie, a gender-bending fetish-loving romantic. Door County is the perfect proving ground to show off her new persona. Cozy and familiar surroundings allow the trans-wannabe (and possibly straight to gay on occasion) to wear outfits designed to attract, admire - and date. Ronnie is accepted by the locals as she snorkels in a flashy wetsuit, then asked out for coffee, lunch and dinner; sultry and sexy in slinky pants and turtlenecks.

She meets Red, an older gent; cuddly, plaid-flannel soft - and safe; a local who is perfectly fine with being Ronnie's companion. Ronnie is MORE than attracted to him, with no expectations on how far to go or how fast to proceed.

Her next encounter is with Damen, a younger man - a tourist from Chicago - who likes what he sees but is tortured by his religious teachings against having relations with anyone non-binary.

Red and Ronnie tour the gorgeous scenery while becoming close friends. One her own one night Ronnie invites Damen (who had been following her) to her dinner table. Candlelight and a handsome go-getter cause Ronnie to almost fall head-over-heels for him right then and there. Damen surprisingly invites the crossdresser to CHURCH the following morning.

Gender-bending at the sanctuary results in an explosion of guilt in her date, and he vows to show her he's a REAL man - and how she's not a REAL woman.

It all climaxes in her UN-planned role as a damsel in distress. Will she be rescued? Will her boundaries be respected?”
Fins and Fireplaces: A Fetish and Bender Romance Kindle Edition

by Ronnie K (Author) Format: Kindle Edition


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