First Time As A Daughter

By Priscilla O'Farrell
It happened when I was about 8 1/2 years old, late June 1960. Mrs. "Blank", a friend of my Mom, had a daughter, Bernadette, who earlier in the year had been killed by a drunk driver. Her son. my friend Brandon, saw how hurt she was & told her he would do anything to help her feel better. Mrs. B asked him if she could dress him as a girl, "Brenda", so they could have a "mother & daughter day". Brandon said he would do it if other boys and their mothers were involved, to lessen any chances of embarrassment or bullying.

Mrs. B asked five other ladies (including my Mom & my Aunt Marion-my cousin Roy's mother), none of whom had daughters, if they would do this. All of them said they would! I should note that when Mom told me this it was all I could do from shouting "YES! YES! YES" instead of merely saying, "OK, if it'll help Mrs. B" I had been influenced by the Little Rascals films that I had seen on TV (Rushin' Ballet, Mail and Female) that it could be fun to try on female clothes. I had worn one of Mom's petticoats to pretend I was a ballerina. Of course that was when she wasn't at home!

Anyway, at my cousin Roy's 8th birthday party, there were six pre-adolescent boys in white Mary Jane's, lace-trimmed socks, very frilly panties, petticoats, pastel party dresses, & wigs! Brenda & "Priscilla", the name I chose, were enjoying their femininity; the other four new gurls, not so much! However, they had been told that they could choose between spending all summer indoors or being daughters for a day. They chose the latter!

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