Flying Pretty

By Joanna Jones
“Flying Pretty” is the term used for traveling on the plane all dressed up. I have been doing this for years to some extent. From wearing my leggings and little girls sweater tops to full on dress, wigs, full makeup, along with body contouring items. It can be thrilling, but at the same time it can be a little scary too. But with a laugh. There is nothing to really worry about. The TSA has always been very nice to me regardless of the degree I am dressed.

My last two plane trips for example. The first trip going and coming back was a breeze. Only a slight pat down on certain areas. The second flight going out was different. I do have everything underneath my dress each and every time, but I stay away from the steel bone corsets. I use a non-boned waist cincher.

Also two bras with silicone inserts, plus my cleavage device. Butt pads along with hip pads. Always nylons. I have all the taping done under my wig.

Walking thru the scanner some of this stuff shows up on the screens. Usually a female TSA agent pats down that area and off I go. The last time however, because our airport in Dallas failed some important screen tests, they told me that they had to do a better job. Going out from Dallas they had to take me to the “private room”. There two female agents patted me down more intensely.

By the way, I was not nervous at all. That’s the one important thing. Don’t be scared when going through the TSA area. If you are nervous, it will only make you stand out for a further look over.

Anyway back to the private room. I offered to lift up my dress, but they said let’s do a pat down first then will give you options. Well, the pat down went with flying colors. The ladies were very nice to me. One even complimented me on the dress that I was wearing, which you can see the blue dress below. Off I go to the gates. Coming back, I did hold up the security line for an extra minute or two as they patted me down in line. Whenever I am patted down, it is always with a female agent. That really makes us girls feel nice and comfortable.

Update: My next flight to Vegas for Thanksgiving went without a hitch. This time the girl that patted me down found the bone in the waist cincher right away. The only thing that happen was the guy that checked my ID and ticket. Afterwords I went toward the scanner. My wife was standing two people in back from me. The TSA guy I guess was so flustered that he mentioned to the next customer that I was not who I was. My wife heard this. She did not like this TSA agent saying anything to a complete stranger, but I did not mind. In fact I took it as a complement.

This is all about trying to live your life as a CD regardless of where you may go. Its all about the attitude that you give. In my case, I feel I only pass as a girl 50%. But it is the attitude that makes up for the other non-50%.

Have fun flying. No one is going to bother you so long as you act like the girl inside you.

So it would be interesting to hear from others that have taken the steps into riding on the plane all dressed up.

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