Name:  Freda Balmain

Location:  Essex - London
I’m Freda Balmain.

Essex based part-time CD, I started crossdressing in summer 2019, it’s a part of me which. I love and enjoy more and more as time goes by.

I would describe my style as glamorous and sexy. What do you think?

And heels, heels, heels all the way!

Check my album “My shoes collection” and you will understand what I mean. I think I’m allergic to flats…

Fashion is my Passion. So much so I have been working for an online fashion company since 2014. Love shoes (specially stilettos) makeup, dresses, handbags, earrings....and the list goes on...

I like today’s fashion but I also enjoy wearing vintage outfits. I think 40’s, 50’s and 60’s styles are very glamorous. You can see a few in my album “ Vintage Looks” and my blog

On a journey with NO return...


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