Fueled My Fantasies

By Mary Jane Morgan
Where to begin? When I was about 10 Years old I put on my first pair of Stockings. During my early teens I did not have any opportunities to wear anything feminine. In my mid teens till my early 20's I did wear some stockings, panties, and bras. I bought a wig but when I put it on all I saw was a young man in a wig. It never occurred to me to try make-up. When I got married I thought I was over the dressing but after a year or so the urge came back. I managed to wear the stocking, panties, and bra some behind my wife's back. Then in my early 40's I discovered the internet and the cross dressing sites. That just fueled my fantasies. For many years I had an "itch" that was not getting scratched. Then in my early 50's ( February 2000 to exact ) I bought a wig and make-up. I have been dressing fully ever since. My wife knows but just tolerates the dressing. I only dress when she is away from home. The "itch" is gone now.

Had there been more information available in the early years I might not have wasted all those years. I thought I was the only male in the world that liked cross dressing. LOL Sound familiar?

Oh, I worked 38 1/2 years for the local John Deere farm equipment dealership as a service technician. The last 24 years or so on a field service truck. I retired October 2004.

When I was working I felt the urge to dress often although I usually just got to dress once a month when my wife was at her club meeting. I would take advantage of any opportunity that provided enough time to dress a little. Since retiring I guess my interests in other hobbies has taken away the urge to dress as often.

I have one daughter and a grandson and a fantastic son-in-law. They live in California. The grandson just turned 4. We are a family that show the love we have for each other.

My wife does not want to see me dressed. She is more than tolerant in other ways though. I wear women's panties, shave my legs, wear matching toe rings, anklet and paint my toenails 24/7. Things could be much worse. I also have found that ladies size shoes and socks fit better than men's, SO, all the shoes and socks I buy now are ladies. Of course the shoes do not look like regular ladies shoes.

My shop is about 24 x 20 or so. Not really sure. It is not sealed and gets quite cold in winter and hot in summer. I built an 8 x 15 room in one end that is heavily insulated. I can work out there year round now. It really has been a joy to have it.

When I was working I weighed 120 to 130 all my career. After I retired I gained weight. I am taking in more calories than I am burning, I guess. I am around 147 now and many of my girly things don't fit now. I have found that juniors larger sizes fit and that is what I order mostly now. I order from Amazon now. I am 5'7", graying hair, born 1946.

My father was a Methodist minister and part time school teacher. My mother was a school teacher. I have a sister that is 3 years older than me.

Of my other hobbies the one I have spent the most time with is restoring my toys. I have redone my Tonka trucks as well as many other toys. Construction and farm equipment mostly. Also have worked with polymer clay, enjoy woodworking on a small scale, electronics, and am getting into some metal working. I have a hobby quality lathe and milling machine. I guess that is enough for now. Ask me what you like?

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