Full And Satisfying Life

By Michele Bennett
Time has been reasonably kind given my age, now sixty-five. I've a full and satisfying life in most ways. I've a loving family, wife, son and grandkids along with wonderful sisters. My wife and sister know of my "other" me and are kind and accepting for the better part.
My goal here is to continue friendships garnered over the years and to offer aid to some who may be lacking in confidence and experience and who may not have family supportive or worse, openly negative. Of course I love the attention afforded by others in no small measure.
I hope to be able to continue being both me's for some time to come but am very aware that time is drawing short.
Several major personal losses have been endured since 2012 but all of natural cause though still painful to the heart and mind.
I'm fortunate to have quite a few wonderful friends on Flickr. Thank you all.
My family life other is full and happy and though age is taking toll it is viewed and lived with the best grace possible.

An on again off again participant.
Self employed essentially all my working life and started / owned small businesses including a retail/wholesale paging hardware and monthly service entity from the mid eighties until 2006 and a rare coin concern from 1997 until the present as well as consistently observing and participating in financial markets over many years.

I've been athletic in nature having had some success at college and a bit beyond while consistently running, now over 25000 miles since the age of 20 and still several hundred each year now.
My wife is fully aware of my dressing but does not want others to know. She is tolerant if not overjoyed. She is a beautiful caring woman who is my best friend.
I have been out many times while dressed and seem to attract little attention but those excursions are always done alone.
Dressing as I do provides peace and solace and it allows me to, for a while, forget some things which are less than desirable in life.
I'm 5'9 1/2" in stocking feet and weigh 168, shooting for 160 again. Size 12 dresses, 10 pants. Women's size 10 shoe. I do all of my own makeup even if a bit too much but then you really don't want to see me in male mode now do you?.

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