Name:  Gemma Love

I love it when someone adds A pic as A Favourite it's like getting kisses ! xxx If i Fav one of your pic's it's because i genuinley think it's a great picture capturing feminine beauty, sexiness or that it just deserves a Bravo, sorry that i dont leave comments often but finding the right words and typing like this is quite difficult for me due to a minor head injury a few years ago.

Some of my best pics are near the start but most people dont scroll past the first few lines let alone go to the bottom of page 1, so i have put some below in showcase, with the popular ones below that , but there are some good ones inbetween on the photo stream.

I was maybe 4 or 5 years old when I first put on a satin dress from my sisters dressing up box, which led to a life long fetish and even at that early age somehow it just felt right.

I like to experiment with make up and try different looks and styles and I am surprised by how different I can look in different photo's but they are all me.

I usually go for the slutty trashy glamour look just because I find that genre more interesting.

I hope you like my pics please feel free to comment, and if you really like me and live in the UK please feel free to flirt!

Gemma xx


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