Gina's Becoming a Big Gurl

By Gina G
I'm Gina G. I'm a crossdresser from Chicago. I'm just a fun part time TG girl! I love going out in the chicago area and having fun with other girls like me. I have been dressing since I was just a kid and have now (last 4+ years) come to terms with my dressing.I love to dress and have since the early 70's. I love keeping my body smooth and in very good shape. My favorite thing is to dress in nylons skirt and dresses. I absolutely love pantyhose and go crazy when I'm dressed, it's like something magical happens. I literally feel this comforting feeling that takes over my body. I just love the way it makes me feel. I really don't get a lot of time to dress.

There is honestly nothing that compares to dressing. I may look like .50 cents, but omg I feel like a million dollars! I feel so beautiful and feminine just from getting all dolled up. It's amazing what a powerful feeling dressing produces!

I love nothing more than seeing a sexy t girl and then reading a nice profile about them. I like the profiles as much as I do the photos. I guess I like the profiles because I like to learn about other people like me. Lets face it there are not that many of us special girls out there. Dressing for me is very sexually charged and always ends in masterbating. (sorry if that offends you.) I do hope you like my photos. I love taking them. Dressing will always be a huge part of my life. Crossdressing is pure magic! I love and embrace all it as to offer! So amazing!

Other things about me (i hope you care ;-) I am a huge runner. I do marathons and ultra marathons. I also do ironman triathlons. My main passion though is the ultra marathon! I have done several 50 mile runs and several 100 mile runs. I love to workout! If any of you are training for your first marathon or ironman and have questions please ask. I love helping other people reach there goal.

I'm a happily married man with kids. My wife knows all about Gina, but unfortunately only tolerates her at best. She use to let me go out once a month back in 07-10. Infact Gina is banned from the house. My wife has me keep all my stuff in another place and only lets me dress out of the house. When my kids move out I plan on going out again.

I have been going crazy with gurl time! I can't wait to do this more and more! I need more clothes, a new wig. Gina is soooo ready to bust out! I'm reading a book by Kathy Hamilton called "ooops" it's so fun. I love being Gina. Being Gina is the best feeling in the world.

I'm here to support my friends and make new ones. We all have this special gift of being TG so lets just all get along.

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