Hand Holding Dilemma

By Joanna Jones
What to do. When my wife and I go out together it can sometimes be a problem about holding hands. In fact, the only time we can do this is when we are in a gay nightclub area. And that can be fun. It is unfortunate we have a business that requires us to be up at 3:30 am in the morning during the week. So usually 7:30 to 8 pm is normally what time we go to bed.

Weekends have always been tough to stay out late. And late is anything after 9 pm. I don't know how many times I have halfway slept through a movie or some other function. The biggest problem is when we go to Las Vegas on our weekend trips. Midnight in Vegas is 2 am in my time zone. Sometimes we book a show on a Friday night just a couple of hours after arriving on the strip. Then in the morning, we sometimes do not remember what the show was about. Trying to keep the eyes open is such a hard thing to do.

Several months ago we went a few times to some gay nightclubs here in Dallas. These nightclubs are fun to go to. Number one, you have a 100% chance of running into other crossdressers. One of the side benefits is being to hold hands as girlfriends. It is such a blast to do this in public and get away with it with no problems what so ever. As soon as we get out of the car, we two girls are holding hands as we walk down the street to the clubs. Once inside we can continue to hold hands all night long if we want. Also, in some of the areas of the clubs are couches where we can get all close and cuddly as we listen to a band play as we sip our drinks. Where else in the world can you do this and feel so comfortable? Hence, the reason why the gay nightclubs are such a fun place to be as a cross-dresser with the wife right by your side. Nowhere else in the general public can you do those without being frowned upon.

I mean really. If two guys were showing affection in a normal area of town you might have problems. If two girls were doing the same thing they would not be bothered, but they would get a second look or two. Two guys doing the same thing in a gay nightclub area and no one blinks an eyeball at them. Two girls doing it together in the same gay nightclub area everyone is so jealous.

So if you really want to have the best time with your wife as girlfriends, hold her hand and get passionately close to her in these nightclubs. It is the closest thing next to heaven. What a turn on for the both of you.

If it were not for the lateness of the night we would be going more often.

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