His Face Turned Red, But Did Not Say Anything

By Alina Wang

I am Alina, a natural tv/cd/ts living in London. I do part-time modelling as I enjoy every moment in front of camera. I enjoy sharing my photos with you here on Joanna's website and reading your great comments! I enjoy exhibiting the feminine side of myslef to you, online and offline.

I love making sexy and erotic mini films wearing pantyhose, sexy dress / lingerie and high heels involving erotic activities. Those films are usually 10mins in length and are all in HD format. All my original private hot sexy videos and photos are uploaded to my website. So join me there if you would like to watch. I do not classify my website as an ordinary xxx website as it is more a way I stay closer with all my lovely admirers, friends and supporters.

The membership of my website is not free. The fund will be used for makeups, dresses/lingerie, photography cost and travelling and accommodations that are related to video shooting at locations. In return, I upload all the videos and photos to the site to share with all my site members. There is no intention to make a living out of running this site - but to finance what I do in my trans-life and create pleasure for all of us. Never enough to say, your supports are greatly greatly appreciated!

I first started dressing around when I was 8 or 9 years old. I secretly wore my mum’s silky dress, stockings, knickers and high heels at home. I also remember I got found out by my grandma when I was wearing my cousin’s lingerie in my teen age. When I was around 14 years old, I went out as a girl to a shopping centre to buy my first bra. That was my first venture out! In my teenage years, my parents were busy with their jobs and they sometimes leave me alone at home for a couple of days or even weeks. I dressed up as a girl at home full time during school holidays. A parcel delivery man came knocking our door one time and I was dressed in a mini sexy dress at home. I opened the door, turned around and bent forward, pretending to pick up something so my lace knickers and my whole legs in stockings were in front of him. His face turned red, but did not say anything.

I love fashion since I was young spending my spare time in shopping centres looking at window displays from different designers. I learned alot from friends who have fashion design and management backgrounds. So I learnt a lot from them. London is the world’s fashion centre. I developed my fashion sense hugely since moved here. Especially, the women working in London city inspired me massively in my fashion sense.

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