How I Came To Be

By Louise Sussex
Hi, my name is Louise and this is a little about me and how I came to be….Well…Louise. It all started for me back when I was around 12 or so, maybe 12 and a half or 12 and 3 quarters I can’t quite remember. I had just started in year 7 at big school. And boy was it a big school.

There was a girl, in fact being a big school there were many girls, but this particularly girl stole my concentration. I was hooked on her. She was amazing. So pretty, so feminine and yeah you get the point. She had the most amazing legs and I couldn’t keep my eyes off them (God, I sound like a pervert. I was young Ok). She always wore the best tights, I’m guessing her family had a bit of ££ as it seemed like she had a new pair every day, not that I paid much attention of course. It made me realise that I had a bit of thing for tights. I couldn’t stop thinking about them and her legs in them. So much so that for some reason or another I had this urge to try some on. Funny how our brains just tell us things and we just have to do it. So with that I stole a pair from my mums draw, locked myself in the bathroom and tried some on. What a feeling. I didn’t have much hair on my legs at the time so I got the full feeling. I was in heaven. It felt amazing.

I soon started to forget about this girl and started experiment with the tights. I Would wear them under my trousers, Wear them to bed and even, well, have a little me time in the shall we say.

Don’t get me wrong, the first year or so wearing them was something else, but it didn’t really feel complete. Still didn’t feel like I was fulfilled. So I went further. Knickers, Bras stockings. Still wasn’t enough. So that’s when, at the tender age of 15 I fully dressed up as A girl. Full underwear and a nice pretty dress. That’s when I realised that I was in love with being a girl.

School passed and I and got my first job in a supermarket, I was 18. That’s when I started buying my own clothes. I hadn’t told anyone about me. I bought my first wig from a joke shop. Started playing with make up too. It was the best.

I’m now 34 and feel so much better as a girl. So much more normal. Everytime I get back changed into a guy it upsets me. I hope to be able to connect with others and share stories with people like me.


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