How Many TGirls Are Going Out and About

By Nadine Fossey
Some people may believe that it is impossible to derive relevant figures on the frequency of crossdressing and transsexualism.
Fact is, however, this subject has been extensively studied in the scientific literature in psychological and psychiatric research.

"Prevalence" is the number of cases of a specificity present in a given population at a given time. If there are 100 cases of a specificity in a city of 100,000, then the prevalence of the specificity at that time is 1 in 1000 .

Cross-referencing numbers found by researchers in various Western countries, here are some interesting milestones on prevalences:

. occasional partial crossdressing : 50 in 1000
. intense crossdressing : 20 in 1000
. occasional exposure in public as a TGirl : 10 in 1000
. almost full time as TGirl : 2 in 1000
. transition without SRS : 1 in 1000
. transition with SRS : 0.4 in 1000

Therefore, the sisters who like to go out regularly as TGirl, say a few times a month, might be around 5 or 6 out of 1000.

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