How To Create Cleavage

By Joanna Jones
Since I am not on HRT and am flat as a pancake, I have been using the same techniques for a while now to to create my cleavage.

It requires several layers. I use three strapless bras. The first one is Silicone Invisible Breast Pad Strapless Adhesive Bra or Freebra Silicone Adhesive Bra. Invisible, Strapless Stick On Bra (Cup B)
Push your breast together then apply adhesive bra on top just at the nipple. Be careful to not pull it to tight or the clasp will break in front. Unless you break the clasp, you can gently wash the inside of the bra after several uses, then let it dry. It will be just as new again with the same stickyness. This bra can last many times.

Make sure you keep a gap between your breast or it will not look right. You can make final adjustments when you get everything on. Once you have the cleavage the way you want it, a heavy padded foam forming strapless bra goes over top. I use a 34C. It needs to be snug. The last strapless bra which is also lighter in padding goes over top. Mine is a 36D. Inside the bottom I place Chicken Cutlets.
This adds sizing. This third bra can be just regular fit and does not need to be tight. The second one is tight to keep the adhesive bra from moving.
Finally, on the inside valley of the cleavage, use just a little makeup to enhance. Just to create a little more shadow. Play with it until it looks great.

Now enjoy. You have fooled mother nature. If you look barely passable, this will give you an extra boost.

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