I Favour The Classy Style

By Katherine Jessica
I’m Kat, a Tgirl from London, England. I favour the classy style, love high heels and shiny hose are really my thing!

Nine days out 10, I’m just a regular kind of guy but once in a while I love to polish my nails, whip out the stilettos and mascara and bring Kat back into the world!

I’m still exploring the person I am and the person I’d like to be but I enjoy nothing more then being glammed up to the nines in my best dresses and stilettos!

A bit about my background and how Kat came to exist.

Growing up as the middle child of three with a younger and old sister I remember from an early age wishing I was like my sisters, being beguiled and fascinated by the outfits they wore, wishing I was like them in their floaty dresses and leotards. I remember when I was only maybe 4 or 5 sneaking into my older sister room and trying on a dress, some tights and tiara and feeling so pretty!

From then on I was hooked and was always happy to be the princess when my sisters suggested we played dress up! My parents thought it was just a phase and let me indulge in dress up at home but made it clear also that I couldn’t go out in the princess dresses, despite my many protestations!

Once I was old enough to go to shops by myself I bought my first pair of tights, black with shiny silver stars, I loved them! I recall feeling so contented and happy wearing them under my normal clothes as I went around my everyday business.

My dressing was limited mainly to that until I left home for university at 17 and Kat came to life! Buying my first wig, corset and heels at that age really showed me I could still be the person I desired, even if only on occasions.

Since then over the last decade or so, Kat has slowly developed into the lady you see today!

Hope you like the pictures I have provided, I am very excited to be featuring on this website and I hope to send further pictures and tell you more about me in the next few months,


Kat xxx

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