I Love Vintage Looks

By Sarah Lewis
I started experimenting very young, around nine years old, when I was chosen to be in a Gang Show at a very popular theatre in my home city of Bristol and, because I hadn’t had my growth spurt yet, ended up playing the girl roles, which probably influenced my earliest memories. I have had periods where I didn’t dress for a long time, but have decided as I’m getting older that now is the time to properly embrace her.

I love vintage looks, especially the 40s and 50s when femininity was paramount. I’ve been out dressed just the once which was thrilling and terrifying in equal measures. I love doing professional photoshoots but because of my height (6ft2in) and my love of heels I’m not passable, but happy to be the way I am.

I love the illusion of cross-dressing. For a couple of hours I can be the ditzy blonde, the dutiful housewife, the hotel maid, the cute office girl, and looking at the photos gives me a thrill of seeing what could have been if my genetics were slightly different.

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