I'm a phenomenal Transvestite

By Himani Rai
I am in him and she is in me, mutual in divine soul.
Yes, I'm a phenomenal Transvestite.

Character is a recognized value and Transvestism is one of its exceptional feelings and it comes from the heart of the alter ego to spread the wings of beautification and tendered grace for saluting femininity.

Transvestism is nothing but a form of behavior and personality expression characterized by a desire to wear the clothing of the opposite sex. Since the word “Transvestism” is applied indiscriminately to all who cross-dress without regard to their motives or purpose. These mean “love of the feminine” and are applied to persons whose interest is solely in the feminine gender role and not in her sexual activity. The phenomenon of Transvestism is theoretically equal evident in both sexes as a practical matter. Females can and do wear masculine type clothing so openly and without social disapproval that the desire to do so is not frustrated and does not therefore hike a problem.

Sex and Gender are not the same thing. Sex is a matter of anatomy and physiology and is determined by various biological factors. Gender on the other hand, is a matter of psychology and sociology. Thus we learn to be masculine or feminine because our anatomical sex at birth dictate what role we should be trained in.

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