"In The First Flower of Womanhood"
-Part 2

By Priscilla O'Farrell
Miss Helen said, "First I'll put some panties on you."

"Please give me the frilliest, most girly panties you have", I asked.

She showed me padded panties that were pink with black ruffles. "How do these look? They're specially designed to make a boy look and feel like a girl."

"They look wonderful, Miss Helen."

I stepped into them and she pulled them up my legs.

"Ooh lala, Master Priscilla!" Miss Helga exclaimed."Are you ready for that many ruffles?"

"These and more" I replied.

Miss Helen then strapped a bra to my chest & filled the cups with padding.

"This will create the illusion of a bosom", she said.

"Someday, Miss Helen, it may not be an illusion", I replied, to approving smiles from the other ladies.

"There's plenty of time to decide that, dear. And now it's time to choose a corset."

"I want the one that will make me look the most curvaceous."

"Curvaceous? " Miss Helga asked. "Where did you learn that word?"

"I think I read it somewhere, Miss Helga."

Miss Helen smiled. "It will be THE word to describe you, Master Priscilla, no matter which one you choose."

I chose one that looked the same as that which Miss Helen was wearing when I first saw her. She laced and hooked me into it, then asked how it felt.

"It's very tight, I'll need to breathe right", I replied. I was okay after a few seconds, then Miss Helen rolled stockings up my legs & attached them to the garters.

"Looking good so far, Master Priscilla", Miss Helga remarked. "I hope you feel as nice as you look."

"Thank you. I hope Kathleen thinks I look nice."

"She will, dear" Miss Helen said. "Now I want you to put on your petticoat."

I stepped into the frilly white garment & pulled it upward. Miss Helen adjusted the shoulder straps.

"We're now ready for your blouse and skirt. How do want you neckline and your hemline?"

"I want a high neckline and low hemline, please, Miss Helen. I like modesty in girls, and now that I'm a girl I want to project that same modesty."

"I'm glad to hear you say that."

She helped me put on a white blouse, then I pulled up a skirt that had a below-the knees hemline.
"Oh, I also have to choose a wig."

Miss Ingrid laughed, "Who said anything about a wig?"

"Miss Helen, I can't go out in boy's hair!" I protested.

"She's only teasing, Master Priscilla. I think you'll look nice in a red shoulder-length wig."

"You're probably right. Both my Mom and my Aunt Jen--um, my favorite aunt, have red hair, so I want to look as good as they do."

Miss Helen did put a wig on me, applied some lipstick and other makeup, & had me step into a pair of high heels. The final item was a pair of gloves.

"And now, Master Priscilla, are you ready to gaze into the mirror?"

I took a deep breath, then said, "Yes, I am."

She asked the other ladies to stand on either side of the mirror, and she asked me to close my eyes.

"Ladies, please remove the blanket". I heard it fall to the floor.

"Please open your eyes, MISS PRISCILLA!"

I opened my eyes and gazed into the mirror. Looking back was (if I do say so myself!) a pretty female in a feminine suit and long red hair. I stood in total silence for a few seconds, then I

"It's a happy moment for me, too", Miss Helen said.

After she hugged me I asked Miss Ingrid, "What do you think?"

"You're quite pretty, Miss Priscilla," she replied.

"Thank you. Miss Helga?"

Miss Helga looked me up and down a few seconds, then said, "My dear Master Priscilla--"

I grimaced when she said that!

"I mean, my dear MISS Priscilla--"

That won her a smile and a curtsey.

"You look like you are in the first flower of womanhood."

"I do, Miss Helga?"

"You do, Miss Priscilla."

"Miss Helga, that's one of the nicest--no, that is THE nicest think anyone's ever said to me!"
All three ladies hugged me. Then the doorbell rang.

"May I answer the door, Miss Helen?"

"Yes, dear."

I thanked her and walked into the hallway.


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