"In The First Flower of Womanhood"
-Part 3

By Priscilla O'Farrell
I opened the door. Standing in front of me was a middle-aged mail carrier.

"Good morning, Mr. Mailman," I said."I am Miss Priscilla. I'll take the mail for Miss Helen and the upstairs ladies."

"Good morning, young lady. I'm Nick. It's nice to meet you, Priscilla. I--"

"Miss Priscilla, if you please," I said, politely I hoped! "I request that men & boys call me Miss as a token of respect for my oncoming womanhood."

"Certainly, Miss Priscilla," the man replied.

Then Miss Helen joined us at the door. "Hello, Nick, I wasn't expecting you. I'm sorry I can't offer you coffee this morning."

"That's OK, Helen. I came in at the last minute so I could work overtime to buy Marie a present."

"Is Marie your wife?" I asked.

"No, Miss Priscilla, she's my girlfriend. She doesn't want to get married, she says it's the number one cause of divorce!"

Nick gave Miss Helen all the mail, then said, "Have a good day, ladies." He tipped his hat to me & said, "Very nice meeting you, Miss Priscilla."

"Nice meeting you, Mister Nick", I replied with a curtsey.

When we rejoined Miss Helga and Miss Ingrid the former said, "Well, aren't you the proper young lady! You handled that very well."

"Better than you think, Miss Helga", I laughed. "That mailman & Marie have known Carl & his parents for years! Anyway, one reason we ladies don't get the respect from the males that we deserve is because we don't request or insist on it. THIS young lady wants that respect."

"I've little doubt you'll get it. But Miss Ingrid and I have to leave now."

"Couldn't you go with us to the recital? I know you'd love to watch Kathleen, and I could use more friends in the audience."

"We've another commitment, dear," Miss Ingrid said. "But we will be at YOUR first recital."

"My recital?"

"A girl like you should study ballet," said Miss Helga. "It will make you more graceful."

"I don't know if that'll happen, but I'm glad I'll see Kathleen. Have a good time, ladies."

"You too, Priscilla."

After they left I remarked to Miss Helen, "Those sisters are very nice ladies."

"You're part right, dear. They are nice ladies, but not sisters."




"No." Miss Helen smiled and said, "Feel free to ask what's on your mind."
"Are they...lovers?"

"I certainly hope so, because Miss Helga and Miss Ingrid are husband and wife."

I felt my eyes widen and my jaw drop. I slowly said, "Husband...and...wife? One of those ladies is a...is a..."

"XY chromosomes, dearie, just like you, Surely you don't think it's only males YOUR age who wear lipstick and petticoats."

"No, I guess not. But how...which one?"

"You may soon learn their story, Priscilla, but for now we'll work on your story."

I looked in the mirror and said, "I want my story to be," then I shook my posterior, "A beautiful tail."
"Don't shake it that much, dearie, you're telling a tale, not an encyclopedia!"

"Actually, Miss Helen, I won't shake it at all. I want people to believe that I'm a well-behaved young lady."

"They will."

We looked at our reflections in the mirror, Miss Helen in her gray suit and I in my blue one.

"We are two charming ladies, aren't we, Priscilla?"

"Yes, we are." and then I started to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"My parents would probably throw a fit if they saw me now, but my favorite aunt might approve."

"Your aunt Jeanette will be very pleased by her niece Priscilla."

"JEANETTE!" I gasped. "H-How do you know her name?"

"Let's discuss that over a cup of herbal tea"


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