It's Just A Name

By Joanna Jones
So how did I come up with my name Joanna Jones? Well, the first name is easy. I bet most of you can guess as to my real first name.

The last name I did not put much thought into it. I was trying to come up with something that at least would roll off my tongue type of thing. So a several years ago I started using Jones. I did not bother to do a search on it. Bad mistake. It was too late to change it. You see there are tons of “Joanna Jones” out there. I should have gone for something unique instead. One that there was not one person with that name. For instance, my first girl that I followed had a perfect name. Very unique to her look. Fantastic, because when you do a search on it only one comes up. Her name…Heidi Phox. If you are trying to make a presence or splash on the internet, I would suggest coming up with a “one of a kind name”. One that tells the readers exactly what type of person you are. In my case, it was too late. I did not want to start over with a new name at that time period. So I came up with the Joanna Jones “CD” tagline. At least, if you were to do a search on that longer name, I am the only one that comes up. If you do a search on Flickr for Joanna Jones only, there are a bunch.

I suppose I could go to court and have my name changed to something else. Hmm. Maybe they would put me in jail instead. Arrested for being so stupid thinking I had to go to court to change a fictitious crossdressers name. Well on my next life, I will have to send a note to myself to come up with a better name.

Good Day!

Joanna Jones


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