Name:  Joanna Jones
Fulltime RV travel, California to Florida and in between USA.
Depends on the light.
6'0", 172 lbs not in winter however.
Email Address:
I have been cross-dressing since the age of 9. My wife is very supportive throughout the years. She was fine with us out in public together with me dressing halfway. No wig or makeup, however. I was given lots of time for vacation adventures by myself with Joanna 24/7. Las Vegas has been my best place for me to be who I am and enjoy myself to its fullest.

My style is really about standing out from the crowd. Some CDers try to blend into everyday life. I am just the opposite. I like all the bows and frilly stuff too.

My wife is now 100% participating with Joanna since I have progressed to a level that she is comfortable with me somewhat passing. We have every Saturday as our “Girls day/night out”. We buy clothes together at the malls to try and match as a couple.

We even just created a whole “girls room” where we have her and her makeup room, her and her clothing racks of dresses for our outings together.

And we are now booking ALL vacations together with Joanna 24/7 including future cruises. It's now becoming the dream of a CDer to have a wife in your life that is now becoming not only a husband relationship but a BFF girlfriend relationship too.

We both love doing this girl stuff together. We are not husband and wife during this time. We are BFF girlfriends having a blast. I am a completely different person when I dress up and live as Joanna. My wife knows that too. So we are doing a lot of stuff together as girlfriends, that the husband boy mode would not be interested in doing. Weird right? But I really have very distinctive personalities between the two of us inside me. For instance, in two years when we have more time off, we are going on cruises together for our girls time. Joanna can't wait to do that with her. To have all those social gatherings on board ship with all those dress up functions and such. The boy mode in me would never go on a cruise. I am just not into all that gathering of people stuff.

I have taught my wife her current makeup. She has always been a little here and a little there type of person. We had a makeover done for her at one of the malls. After her makeover, I have been training her side by side as I do mine. As time goes on she will do more and more of it by herself. I still put in her false eyelashes. Eventually, she will get the hang of it.

It takes about 18 different products to get Joanna done up. There are lots more things we guys have to do than a real girl. Makeup is very important. Next are the boobs and body shape. Then the wig and taping brow lift. Lips are much smaller on men. We girls have to try and create more lip. I use 7 different things on my lips.

Bottom line. For me, this is very fun. I can create Joanna that still amazes me at what I see in the mirror. I am totally comfortable going out as Joanna. I have been doing this stuff for a very long time.


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