Name:  Karen Smith

Kent in the UK
Hi I am Karen from the county of Kent in the UK I holiday every year in Florida and have a feminine hobby of dressing up in anything feminine from slutty to sophisticated and in between.

I have been dressing en-fem for a long time, there have been times when I have thought very seriously of transitioning but have never found the real strength to go all the way, anyways that's a little about me if you would like to know more then introduce yourself and I would love to chat.

I don't regard myself as a passable girl but I try to do my best at being feminine, I envy all you gurls that can pass it off in public I would love to be able to do that.

I am A girl that likes to have fun.

I am a trans-person that is to say I am both female and male in my outlook in life when dressed up feminine I an all female in mind, I love to dress up and have fun, when I dress feminine, I do the whole thing makeup clothes and as said I even feel feminine, I am clean shaven my toe nails are always painted in a colour, I can't abide being hairy even when in male mode. I like allsorts from demure to bdsm to dressy I have yet to find my soulmate. Would love to find that special person to have fun with or just spend happy time with.

Look for me on FaceBook, tvchix, twitter, xhamster. K xx


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