Name:  Kerry Nope
HI everyone , ive been dressing for many years and before the inter net came along. i was a very angry person got involved with a football team back in the 80s as i couldnt except why i was thinking this way. Im sure we all have our story's to tel. so i wont bore you with the facts . But once computers came about i was blown away to see that i was not alone. I look at myself as straight but love all and everything fem. HUGE FAN OF TIGHTS (girls in america you call them pantyhose) i just love them on my legs kind of give's me a tinggle feeling .

ERM yes moving on lol. i use to hide in my room and never would step over my front door mat. But the day i did i have never looked backed hearing my heels clatter agents a pavement was such a buzz and as you can see ive done so much more , from taxis,buses,trains ,jet planes and helicopters i love to challenge myself and to see if i can pass. i would say 95% of the time nobody has any idea. On my virgin flight home from vegas on my own nobody had a clue . and customs at Gatwick airport was a nightmare as they didnt beleve me for a hour that i was the guy in the pastport . quite flattering really .but a bloody nightmare .


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