Las Vegas My Playground

By Joanna Jones
It's tuff trying to pick out the clothes for Vegas in the winter. I have so many. It will be cold going outside wearing skimpy clothes. But hey, it's Vegas. The skimpier the better. I try to have stuff that shows the most cleavage. Walking down the street looking sexy in Vegas is really a great turn on. Plus you are putting yourself out there for all to see and be seen as either a really nice good looking girl, or just a guy in a dress with great boobs.

One fourth of July I went to Vegas by myself as my wife was visiting her brother. Since it was the middle of summer, the skimpy clothes worked out just right walking down the strip at night.

In the earlier years, I did not look like I do today but I still did the cleavage thing along with the summer clothes all dripping with a sexy look walking down the strip during the middle of the day. Vegas is weird with tourist. Most wear crappie stuff. I like to stand out even during the day. The year was 1998. This time, I put on sunglasses. The kind where there are a complete reflection and no one can see your eyes. As I am walking around, my eyes are glued to everyone passing me. It was so much fun. The guys were looking only at my boobs. They had no clue I was a guy. Some of the girls did the same thing. They went right for the cleavage. But it was the guys reactions thinking no one saw them stare that was great. Back then I was wearing no wigs and very light makeup. Without me wearing the sunglasses they still took a peek at my breasts, but as soon as they passed, I could see them turn around in the reflections of the buildings with a "what the hell was that" type of look. Jump ahead to today. I don't need the sunglasses to hide. Yes, I think most people if they are paying attention to me realize I am a guy, but they are so impressed by the whole look that they never react with negativity like some did in the early years.

So back to the Fourth of July right before the grand fireworks. Here I am with 200,000 people clogging up the streets of the Vegas Strip waiting for the big show, with me in the sexiest dress and look that I could muster. I felt like a queen. Having that many eyes staring at me. I was in heaven. And those stares were good stares. Out of all the thousands of people that I walked through I only heard 3-4 girls as I passed telling their husband or boyfriends that they thought I was a guy. But the guys reactions to the girls were "really? No way!"

Yes it was at night and they may have had a drink or two, but hey give a girl a break:>)

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