Let the Show Begin!

By Joanna Jones
I find the most enjoyable part of cross-dressing is going to all the shows. This allows you to be with a whole lot of people all dressed up.

My wife and I have been to a lot of shows, concerts and plays. One New Year’s Eve was Frankie Valli. His concert was fantastic. We were at our state fair during the summer when the Beach Boys were playing a concert. The old Beach Boys that were singing were horrible. Age had robbed them of the past. Frankie however, has not changed in all these years. He is 82. They did not have to autotune in those days. You just had to be good, or you did not make it. The band that he had at this concert was top level. Perfection! Because it was New Years Eve, my dress up fit right in.

Dianna Ross. Elegant evening wear is what I planned for myself. Then there was Jennifer Lopez. My dress was the hottest thing I own. I said in another “what’s up”, dripping wet! It was the same for our Britney Spears concert.

Fancy dress up time for a Symphony concert down in San Antonio. These concerts we go to in San Antonio are fun. The Symphony plays the soundtrack of great movies while we watch the movie. These are big movie scores. This one is Indiana Jones. Of course, we just have to go to this one since my last name came from that movie. We get to dress to the nines in evening wear with dining overlooking the River Walk downtown. Such a thrill to be all dressed up for these events.

In addition, we went to see Celine Dion, Penn & Teller, Showstoppers, Frankie Moreno, Terry Fator, Jeff Dunham, along with several Symphony concerts and some other plays too. For me it was a cross-dressing adventure for each and every one of these events.

I never want the shows to end.

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