Lifelong Fascination

By Isabella Ross
I've had a lifelong fascination with all things feminine. As a child, like many others, I was a frequent secret visitor to my mother's wardrobe. Later in life, this morphed into a love for twirling in a pretty chiffon dress, the fragrance of fine perfume, the whisper of a lacy slip, the sheer luxury of rolling up stockings. For a great deal of my life, this love of femininity existed in a state of conflict with my life as a boy and later as a man.

But in the past decade, I've come to see my transgenderism as an incredible blessing...and something that's essential to my well-being.

Recently, a few close friends here on the west coast of Canada have lured me out into public -- experiences that I greatly enjoyed. The cat, as they say, is out of the bag.

My wife believes I'm stuck in a fashion time-warp, no doubt because one of my interests is photos of pinup and lingerie models from yesteryear. I love to try to emulate them in some of my own photos (and life). What I strive for is sensuality and class, rather than eroticism or outright nudity. I love to see other gurls take photos like this!

My view on gender is simple: I believe every human is a combination of male and female, to varying degrees. My philosophy is that life is short -- accept and love your feminine self, and the important people in your life will follow suit.

I welcome the opportunity to become friends with other gentle and respectful people who enjoy feeling pretty and feminine -- get in touch via my flickr page at

Thank you...

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