About This Website
By Joanna Jones
Welcome back to my new website location...

A 1940’s look? Wedding Guest Outfit
By Freda Balmain
Last year in May I attended a friend’s...

A Beginner’s Guide to Crossdressing
By Hannah McKnight
The question I get asked the most is ‘how...

A bit of a Makeover
By Christine Celeste
Hi, I'm Christine and I would describe myself as a blended gender person who...

A Boy That Wants To Become A Girl
By Petula Cheryl
I'm not yet the girl I want to be. I love...

By Joanna Jones
What to do. Admirers. You either love them, hate them or just appreciate them. I actually appreciate them. Look, this is...

A letter to my 22-year-old Self
By Marci Ansen
I’m writing to you at 66, just a month or...

The Most Amazing First Night Out Ever!
By Tawni Bonds
Yes, I had been out dressed before: to...

A Note From My Wife
By Christy
Hello, my name is Christy and Joanna is my husband. My first recollection of my husband's love to cross dress was over...

An Urge That Is Buried Very Deep
By Helene Wouters
I am a long time tg girl, setting my first...

By Joanna Jones
Bathroom situations can be tough for some. For years, I never had a problem using the women's bathrooms when I just had to...

Bold & The Brave The Early Days
By Joanna Jones
I think all of us start at the same...

Born In The Right Body!
By Jenny London
Like so many of us, I started cross-dressing...

Chiang Mai Diary
By Martina Tyler
In late January 2014, I went to Chiang Mai (CM) for four days, which gave me the entire time to be a girl (whoopee!!) ...

Crossdressing Myths
By Tina Johnson
In the past few years, crossdressing has become...

Compulsion That Grew Within Me
By Cristianne Kelly
I started dressing in my early teens to satisfy this compulsion...

By Tawni Bonds
What you need to Know about...

By Victoria Barns
At a time when the retired Olympic gold medal winning decathlete and famed TV...

Cross-Dressing Hobby vs. Vice
By Ana Cristina Garcia
I have never agreed nor liked the...

Crossdressing This Stranger
By Luna Moreschi
I leave you to imagine the confusion I...

By Tiffany Tyler
It's the anticipation as much as anything that drives me to do it. The covert prep, the excitement as Joan on reception hands...

Desire To Crossdress
By Terri Johnson
I am a crossdresser who created and embraces the creed: "I am what I am and I am what I am not." I currently live in...

Disney World Adventures
By Joanna Jones
Over the years we have lived on and off in Orlando for at least 25 years. Half the time we had the annual pass to Disney World...

Dressing For Perfection
By Martina Tyler
I am a 69 years young T-girl who has been dressing part-time for nearly 20 years. Unlike most others, I started fairly late...

Dressing Up Games
By Carollyn Faith Olson
My name is Celine. I was born in the 60’s in a little town in the South...

Embarrassing Moments
By Joanna Jones
I have had my share of embarrassing times in my dressing life. Once in the early days when I had to dare myself to go into...

En Femme - Not born "femme" but
By Martine Silver
I discover my attraction for femininity so...

Everyone Just Needs A Little Bit Of Courage
By Bethany La Belle
I had never ventured out as Beth...

Experimenting with Androgyny
By Christine Celeste
Whilst nothing can compare to dressing...

Expressing My Feminine Feelings
By Nora Simone
I am a happily married heterosexual...

Feels So Natural To Be Me
By Nerissa Holmes
It happened when I was about 8 1/2 years old...

Female Cousins Dressed Me Up As A Girl
By Traci Loren
When I was about 14 years old my family...

Female Deportment
By Carollyn Faith Olson
Deportment refers to the way a lady carries herself; how she moves, walks, inclines her head, her manners etc...

Finding Felina
By Felina Rochelle
Felina found me about 10 years ago. It is interesting that I found crossdressing when I was 14, and I’ve gone through purge...

First Time As A Daughter
By Priscilla O'Farrell
It happened when I was about 8 1/2 years old, late June 1960. Mrs...

Flying Pretty
By Joanna Jones
“Flying Pretty” is the term used for traveling on the plane all dressed...

Fueled My Fantasies
By Mary Jane Morgan
Where to begin? When I was about 10 Years old I put on my first pair of Stockings. During my early teens I did not have any...

Full And Satisfying Life
By Michele Bennett
Time has been reasonably kind given my age, now...

Gina's Becoming a Big Gurl
By Gina G
I'm Gina G. I'm a crossdresser from...

Going underground
By Babette Jones
So many men at one of these stages, including a stage where they never confided anything, just assume it's...

Hand Holding Dilemma
By Joanna Jones
What to do. When my wife and I go out together it can sometimes be a problem about holding hands. In fact, the only...

Have you been Sir'd?
By Joanna Jones
Being called, "sir" can be very disappointing when you are all dressed up as a girl. It happens to me here and...

His Face Turned Red, But Did Not Say Anything
By Alina Wang

How I Came To Be
By Louise Sussex
Hi, my name is Louise and this is a little about me and how I came to be….Well…Louise. It all started for me back...

How Many TGirls Are Going Out And About?
By Nadia-Maria Soraperra
Some people may believe that it is...

How To Create Cleavage
By Joanna Jones
Since I am not on HRT and am flat as a pancake, I have been using the same techniques for a while now to to create...

I Favour The Classy Style
By Katherine Jessica
I’m Kat, a Tgirl from London, England. I...

I Love Vintage Looks
By Sarah Lewis
I started experimenting very young, around nine years old, when I was chosen to be in a Gang Show at a very popular theatre...

I'm An Average Guy
By Patri Sánchez Monroe
This is me, well, a part of me. I'm actually a man. Yes, a man of the most ordinary.
I was born in Madrid, on May 1972, I am...

I'm a phenomenal Transvestite
By Himani Rai
I am in him and she is in me, mutual in...

Imprinting Theories
By Babette Jones
While I'm pretty sure many aspects of transgederism are inherited, I also am convinced that many aspects of...

"In The First Flower of Womanhood"
By Priscilla O'Farrell
Part 1

"In The First Flower of Womanhood"
By Priscilla O'Farrell
Part 2

It all started with that TOP
By Joanna Jones
My parents had a family of all boys. You...

It's Just A Name
By Joanna Jones
So how did I come up with my name Joanna Jones? Well, the first name is easy. I bet most of you can guess as to my real...

I Was Just A Little Different
By Donna E Mobley
" I ask myself more questions than...

Joanna Jones CD Top Picks
By Joanna Jones
This is my top "invited only" Flickr Group.

Keep Your Skin Smooth and Pretty!
By Isabella Ross
Very few things can beat the sensation of...

Keystone 2018
By Emily Jo Donatello
In my time I’ve organized many an event, seminar, conference. Planning for them I’ve always obeyed two laws: you can never...

Las Vegas My Playground
By Joanna Jones
It's tuff trying to pick out the clothes...

Late Bloomer
By Carollyn Olson
Our cat climbed in my spouse’s nylon box and destroyed a couple...

Let the Show Begin!
By Joanna Jones
I find the most enjoyable part of cross-dressing is going to all the shows. This allows you to be with a whole lot of...

Lifelong Fascination
By Isabella Ross
I've had a lifelong fascination with all things feminine. As a child, like many others, I was a frequent secret visitor to my mother's...

Like Many Transvistites
By Zoe Montague
Like many transvestites, and ultimately (after much soul searching) that is how I identify, my dressing...

Loves To Transform Into A Woman
By Josephine (Josy) Nyl
I am a somewhat older man (60) who has...

Lunch In Montclair
By Emily Jo Donatello
Of a Tuesday, I knew, she had a regular reason to be out and about. Ordinarily, despite my knowing her schedule...

Making The Case For Hosiery
By Carollyn Faith Olson
Take a look around. Have women become...

Managing a Secret
By Felina Rochelle
How do I find time for Felina? I ask myself that same question all the time. When I was single and living alone, I was able...

Mirror Mirror On the Wall
By Joanna Jones
Those mirrors. Oh, how I love seeing myself especially at the stores, malls or anywhere else they may be. You know I sometimes...

Mom's Red Lipstick
By Daphne Thomas
This all started with a passion for pantyhose and nylons! I tried on my Mom's nylons as a boy and I was hooked! I also...

My Adult Transformation
By Lauren Smith
Anyway when I was a teen I had long hair. It was the sixties. So one day after washing my hair in the kitchen sink my mother...

My First Flight
By Nigella Rolfe
Like many trans women I’ve had decades of wondering and waiting for the spark to hit and spur me on to my life as a woman...

My First Outing With The Girls
By Kathleen De Mayer
I went out last September for the very...

My Hair Bows
By Joanna Jones
How I love my hair bows. Always have. It's a girl thing. Does not make any difference at what age you are. It can look very cute...

My Hawaiian Years
By Joanna Jones
My early cross-dressing was mostly in the closet back then. I would adventure out here and there dressed. Getting gas...

My Life
By Gini MacRae
My name is Virginia (Gini) Marie MacRae and I’m a native of sunny Southern California...

My Mom's Discarded Clothes
By Kendra Gallager
I have been dressing up since before I was 11. Wearing clothes in secret that were...

My Regular Excursions
By Carole Jones
In spite my long commitment to my feminine side I had never ventured outside the safety of my home as Carole...

My Sister's "Play Friend"
By Heather Stevens
Mine is a rather simple story, and one that I am sure most of us can relate too. Starting as a young boy with an older...

Mysterious Fascination For Me
By Celine
My name is Celine. I was born in the 60’s...

My Story of how I got Here
By Joanna Lace
I’m not sure if I can say I’m a Cross...

No Longer Do I Allow Fear To Guide My Life
By Victoria Michelle Williams
I am a very nice woman who truly...

Ok, So Now What?
By Brina MacTavish
Let's say this is the first time you've ever put on a pair...

Opening The Door For Her To See
By Juliet Gee
Not in my wildest dreams did I ever...

Packing - Traveling Tips
By Stefia Satoh with Carollyn Olson
We’ve had a number of friends ask...

Pair Of Pantyhose On My Bedroom Floor
By Jaime Femgirl
Hi, everybody! My name is Jaime, and I...

By Carollyn Faith Olson
Now, there’s nothing wrong with bare legs in the spring...

“Point yer toes.”
By Juliet Gee
A day’s photoshoot at Addison Duggan Photography...

Project Erica
By Erica Foley
A note from the design team. It is difficult to believe that Project Erica has...

By Tiffany Tyler
Joan passed the parcel and he felt a pull to his insides. "Anything nice?" 'Yes, the most delightful pair of nude patent 5" heels...

Revealing Version 2
By Tiffany Tyler
It's the anticipation as much as anything that drives me to do it. The covert prep, the excitement as Joan on reception hands...

By Jamie Rhodes
I've been attracted to satin, silky, lacy women's clothes since I was a small boy. I remember sneaking in to my babysitters...

She's Whispering In My Ears
By Ailana Nata
I had been dressing on and off since my...

Sierra? It's Part Of Who I Am
By Sierra Romeo
I first started dressing when I was young...

Sometimes We Dream Of Life Outside The Cocoon
By Lila Brooks
We live in the cocoon...

By Sue Delores
Although I have been like this since a child, I fought against it for many years with dressing sessions sometimes years...

Standing Out From The Crowd
By Joanna Jones
I have been cross-dressing since the age...

Tawni Bonds Fun Facts
Tawni Katherine Bonds

The Adventures of Helen Atherton
By Helen Atherton
Becoming Helen back in Oct 2014 was one...

The Freedom and Time to be the Woman Inside
By April Daynes
My name is April Daynes. I am a 70 year old...

The Girl in the Mirror
By Melanie
As a six year old I was thrilled at all these...

The Great Cover-Up!
By Joanna Jones
I have come across several people who post their pictures on Flickr with their face...

The Lies I Tell Myself
By Brina MacTavish
I'm never going to do it again." You know the old saying, "If I had a...

Therapists - Trying To Find The Right One
By Emily Jo Donatello
In the hugely influential Jackie Wilson...

These Feelings Had To Be Hidden
Meggan H
I feel like I have been a crossdresser all...

The Thrill of Dressing
By Joanna Jones
The sexual thrill of dressing in opposite sex clothing is called Transvestic Fetishism. I currently occasionally masturbate while...

Things Every Cross Dresser Needs To Emulate A Woman
By Carollyn Olson

This Girl Inside Of Me
By Heather Stevens
A fun hetero CDer who only gets to dress when the rare opportunity arises. I do love making friends on line. I have, as most...

Three Days In London
Irene's Transformation
By Irene Nyman
Day 1

Time For An Update
By Traci Loren
A lot of water has gone under the bridge since my last update 12 months ago. For me personally I have sadly stacked on some...

Transforming Myself Into A Woman
By Christina Cassidy
My name is Christina Cassidy. I'm a 29 yr...

We Were All Female
By Joanna Jones
This really great video explains why some of us feel like a woman inside. Some were born into the wrong body. We have...

What I Use To Create Josephine
By Josephine Kristin
My Motto is: When a man transforms into...

Where I stand in the TG Spectrum -
By Ana Cristina García
Part 1

Where I stand in the TG Spectrum -
By Ana Cristina García
Part 2

Where I stand in the TG Spectrum -
By Ana Cristina García
Part 3

Where I stand in the TG Spectrum -
By Ana Cristina García
Part 4

Who Am I
By Ana Cristina García
In this realm, I am Ana Cristina García or Cristy as my friends call me. “I am a happily married heterosexual cross-dresser”...

Who Looks Better In My Dress?
By Joanna Jones & Wife
Vote Now

Why Is There A Negative Perception
By Heidi Phox
From my observations and interactions...

Why Is Unpopular Hosiery so Popular with Crossdressers?
By Jamie Femgirl

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