Name:  Lisah French

Hi, I'm Lisah, a 60+ year old crossdresser. I adore the magic moments when I become Lisah - physically, mentally and emotionally. I love expressing Lisah’s femininity, style and personality with fabulous, glamorous and sexy themes and looks. I'm happily married, heterosexual and love my wife very much. She knows I dress, understands but asks that Lisah be in a separate life compartment, which I accept.

My story is so familiar. Been dressing for decades. Recently returned after 15 years living abroad. Before living overseas, I discovered makeover services and the delight of Jodie Lynn’s The Boudoir photoshoots. While abroad, I created a lovely wardrobe and a lot of beautiful make up, mainly mac. When my wife visited the UK, I dressed for days at a time - heaven. Sadly, on our return to the UK everything including all the photos had to go.

Now, I've found the fantastic Cindy at Boys Will Be Girls. Wow, wow and super wow. Here’s photos from my visits at BWBG . I’ll visit whenever I can and plan to add photos after each shoot.


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