Loves To Transform Into A Woman

By Josephine (Josy) Nyl
Who I am?

I am a somewhat older man (60) who has remained young at heart and who loves to transform into a woman. My heart opens when I see beautiful clothes, stockings and heels, a beautifully made-up face, well-kept and painted fingernails ....and I know, I can try to turn myself into such a woman! That's the present, but that's not always the case.

As with most, everything started in young teens. I started to wear nylons and other clothes from my mother, secretly. I was ashamed I could not relate and understand my feelings. I thought, I'm wrong! So I tried to hold back my inclinations. I completed my vocational training, got married ( for over 30 years a happy couple / with ups and downs), have 4 children, sporty and musical ...... all relatively well, right?

Not quite! Something was missing. And in the beginning of 2017 I am almost broken inside. I gathered all my courage and revealed myself to my wife. To cut a long story short: She knows about Josephine, she knows some of my pictures, I have regular freedom, style myself....And most important: it's no secret that I have to hide from her!

Josephine has become a very important part of my life. I feel satisfaction and happiness when I am allowed to be a woman. and then I wonder what Josephine might have looked like 20/30 years ago. Since I have a penchant for perfectionism, I also got professional help in make-up. The hints and tips helped me a lot, but I have to practice alone! Again and again! What a "real woman" has learned since teenage years, I can not learn in a short period of time.

In Frankfurt I was traveling for the first time as a woman. A sparkling, exciting feeling, but very nice.

Who or what am I?

Man? Transvestite? Crossdressers? Transsexual?
First and foremost I am "a human being". Maybe a little different than the "normal" society yet !! as standard sees.

Times are changing ... you will see.

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