M'Lady Got Her Ascot

By Ronnie K
Ron is asked to gender-bend in an avant-garde play in Austin. Bored with books, movies and games he lucks and out meets a professor involved with local theater.

The author visualizes Ron – Ronnie – as the star of his latest work. The script is totally un-rehearsed and improvisational. He assures the new ‘actress’ that he/she will shine in the role.

The story is set in the drawing room of a 1950s English manor. Ron – Ronnie – helps her two mature hosts escape boredom through flirtatious play-acting. Things get heated as she toys with the heady males as a kinky damsel-in-distress. It’s a three-way pursuit of happiness; each with their own agenda.

Who will win her heart and who will be left out?
M’Lady Got Her Ascot: An English Drawing Room and Bender Romance Kindle Edition

by Ronnie K (Author) Format: Kindle Edition
Kindle Unlimited


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